Boost your internet connection speed (works) (UPDATED)

UPDATED 09.07.2019   14:50

Boosting your internet connection can bring benefits by online games, internet telephony, social networks, online applications like stock market software, bidding software and office software. If you need your internet connection for your work, study, hobby or just to share information with your friends or family, you probably came across the problem that your internet connection became slower over time or wasn't even sufficient at all.

In such situations you can boost internet connection to get more out of the line or signal used to connect you to the Internet. It isn't always the fault of your internet Service Provider if your Internet becomes slow or cannot burst the full speed. In order to boost internet connection you the user have a couple of possibilities.

How to increase the speed of your internet connection?

Boost your internet connection via hardware

• Hardware is influencing on your internet connection speed. There is a difference between different LAN Cards, USB Adapters, modem, routers and hubs, depending on the quality of the materials used from the producer, the software (driver and management applications) and compatibility with the requirements of the ISP.

• It must be said that if you try to boost Internet via hardware, the results won't be very significant.

• There are a few companies that produce special equipment to boost internet but unfortunately if you try to boost your internet connection only via hardware, it might not be enough as the line or signal of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) might lack in providing sufficient bandwidth and/or your computer (operating system) is not in the state to provide the fastest performance for the internet connection you use.

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Boost internet connection via your ISP

Boosting your internet connection via your Internet Service Provider can be for sure one of the most successful ways to get more speed. Internet Service Providers offer different packages with different connection speeds. If the service you have signed up for isn't satisfying your needs, you might want to upgrade your connection speed.

A faster internet connection line or signal is for sure the best way to boost Internet. Unfortunately, there are situations where your internet connection just isn't that fast as the internet connection you ordered from your ISP or your ISP does not offer a fast internet connection in your area.

If this is the case, you might want to try out an Internet accelerator like Latency Optimizer to boost internet connection speed. Of course you cannot expect to get a 5Mbits connection out of a 765kb connection, but you will boost your internet as much as technically possible!

Boost internet via tunes & tweaks

There are many Internet users who need to boost internet connections because of one reason or another. If you cannot increase your internet connection speed via hardware or your ISP you can still fine-tune and tweak it to boost it.

There are also situations where users do have top hardware and ultra-fast internet connection speed but still their surfing experience, download/upload speed, online game, streaming video and audio, Internet VoIP or any other online application is performing slowly or even lags.

The reasons for those issues are most likely caused by the user's PC. If you count those Internet users who have a proper hardware and a fast internet connection but you are still slowly around the net, then you might want to tweak and tune your internet connection.

You can use Latency Optimizer 4.0 to boost Internet via 45 tweaks and tunes!

Boost internet via system maintenance

Last but not least a slow performing computer is responsible for slow Internet experiences. You can have the fastest line or signal, expensive hardware but if your computer is not maintained on a regular basis, you will most likely see your internet connection speed decreasing over time.

In order to boost your internet you will need to speed up your computer as well.

Latency Optimizer 4.0 will not only assist you with the newest fine-tunings and tweaks, it will also help you to maintain your system to speed up your internet connection and PC.

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