Causes of latency issues in Diablo 3 (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 17.07.2019   13:00

Our statistics show that the high latency issues in Diablo 3 increased by around 2.7 % and the actual data is that 9.7% of all Diablo players do lag. These numbers are based on user information gathered through Latency Optimizer 4.0, polls, surveys and incoming search terms to our websites. If you experience Diablo 3 lag you must first understand that 91.3% of all Diablo 3 players do not lag; do not have high latency issues.

If you lag in Diablo 3 than something else causes high latency.

Reasons for Diablo 3 lag & high latency - Top 8 Graph:

The high latency can be caused by hardware (slow or corrupted processor, RAM, graphics card communications with the game) or most likely from the internet connection as data packages are not delivered and received as they should. We do not have sufficient data about hardware issues causing Diablo 3 lag but as we know that Blizzard always puts much effort in hardware compatibility.

We assume that high latency in Diablo 3 is caused by hardware issues not higher than 2%. It is also very unlikely that someone would buy a game and ignore system requirements so that lag could be caused.

Reasons of  Diablo 3 lag graph and statistics*


1. Generally, it can be said that the player's internet connection causes most issues with Diablo 3.

That can be a slow internet connection, unstable internet connection, low quality internet connection, or a badly configured internet connection, besides other common internet connection issues.

 a.) Virus, spyware, Trojan, adware, root-kit, or other malware infections.

 b.) Corrupted internet connection settings, wrong registry settings, unwanted or malfunctioning systems or third party application processes.

 c.) A generally slowly performing system caused by various reasons.

 d.) Lack of periodically made system maintenance.

 e.) Communication and data transfer issues with the router/modem.

 f.) Other system and internet connection malfunctions.

3. The Diablo 3 game servers may cause high latency because of:

• a.) High load
• b.) Too far of a distance from the user
• c.) Wrong settings
• d.) Insufficient hardware
• e.) Internet connection gateway issues
• f.) Others

Diablo World

Here is an example that may make it more understandable how some servers handle it (this example does not apply to Diablo III only! It can be applied to almost all game servers):

If you play table tennis with your friend who is a professional player and you permanently fail to return the ball or you are playing too slowly, then there will be a big chance that your friend stops playing with you! The same principle applies to the Diablo III's game server as does 90% of all other game servers.


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4. The Diablo 3 in-game mechanics can cause high latency because of:

- too complex calculations;
- big amounts of calculations
- requests to send and receive data packages that are too big;
- algorithms and interfaces that are not optimized can cause high latency;
- many other reasons

5. Weak lines or signals from your Internet Service Provider causing high latency in Diablo 3

Note that such issues are increased if you play on a wireless connection.

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has possibilities to provide you with stronger signals and more quality lines, but in most cases this is not going to happen as your ISP would need to invest in the infrastructure in your area. If you experience Diablo 3 lag at specific times a day it could be possible that the bandwidth limit is reached for your area. In rush hours, this happens when too many users are connected at the same time to the Internet.

Note that your ISP can only limited influence on internet gateway issues.

6. Hardware issues can cause high latency and Diablo 3 lag

If your computer doesn't meet the system requirements, some hardware has malfunctioned, low quality network cards or wireless adapters or outdated drivers.

7. Playing online games over a wireless internet connection is not recommended

This applies for all online games and is mentioned by almost all online game developers. Wireless internet connections will most likely cause Diablo 3 to lag as there are too many reasons that could weaken or lower the signal.

The success rates of various hardware that promise to boost wireless internet connection signals are in question. We believe that every ISP would already ship such equipment to its users to avoid all complaints about weak signals they are getting on a daily basis. A wire connection should be always preferred over a wireless one to play online games.

8. Of course there are many other reasons that could influence high latency in Diablo 3.

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