Compatibility Issues of PUBG on PC / Fix High Ping and Lag

PUBG, otherwise known as Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, is a multiplayer battle royale game free for everyone. Known as the most famous and best-selling games of all time, players love to compete against each other in warfare battles.

Keep your PC updated with the minimum software and hardware requirements to experience the best PUBG gameplay on it. These issues and bugs keep rising from time to time but having an all-in-one software that solves every issue should be your go-to solution.

Although it has impressive ratings and reviews, the game isn't prone to bugs and issues. Many players have reported various problems and bugs with the PC version of PUBG, including:

  • ● Crashing
  • ● Lagging
  • ● High ping
  • ● Network error
  • ● Controller not working
  • ● Launching errors
  • ● Black screen and more

With the rising popularity of the game, it is clear that new bugs and issues would arise with time. This article will list down all the main problems of PUBG PC and how to resolve them.

Issues Encountered While Playing PUBG on PC

Many gamers have reported these common issues, and here's how to fix them:


FPS (Frames Per Second) or game lag happens due to different factors, including heavy system load, irregular network drops, and high server load. Try these ways to resolve them:

Temporarily Disable the Firewall of Your Computer

Antivirus or firewalls can be a problem in the poor network connection of your game. You can temporarily disable the firewall to resolve this issue. If it fixes it, you can add your game to the white list of your firewall.

Heat Reduction of the Computer

Check if your computer’s cooling system works properly. Overheating is also a factor contributing to low FPS or lagging issues. Clean the dust off the cooling system and the vents.

Lower the Graphics Settings

The graphic settings of your game can deter your smooth experience of playing PUBG PC. Lower the graphic settings for your game and check how it works.

Network issues

It's not new that many PUBG PC gamers struggle with network lag issues while playing the game. This makes it frustrating for the players to play the game. For Windows problems, try these solutions to fix the errors:

  • ● Update all drivers
  • ● Disable the background running application
  • ● Update the Windows OS
  • ● Disabling firewall temporarily
  • ● Install the latest PUBG patches
  • ● Run PUBG as admin
  • ● Installing defender and 3rd party antivirus apps
  • ● Set PUBG to high priority
Other than this, you can check the network connection to fix the Network lag and find a way to according to the problem found.

Blank screen Appears While Launching the Game

One of the frequent bugs found while playing PUBG PC is the appearance of a black screen when you launch the game. This sudden black screen appearance also blocks Windows 10, and you would need to restart the computer again to make it work.
How to resolve this issue? Try simple tweaks like:

  • ● Updating the game
  • ● Disabling background apps
  • ● Updating Windows OS
  • ● Disabling firewall and 3rd party antivirus software temporarily

If these solutions don't work, try removing configuration settings and configure everything again or reinstall the game.

Launching Errors

Gamers have also reported that PUBG PC sometimes doesn’t launch. While there isn’t any specific reason known for this, there are solutions that can resolve these launching and not starting issues.

How to resolve these issues? Try:

  • ● Updating the device drivers
  • ● Running the SFC scan
  • ● Disable unsupported programs (including background apps and antivirus software
  • ● Some of the game files may get damaged or missing while downloading the game, causing launching issues. Try verifying game file integrity to solve this issue.

Facing Crashing Issues on PC

If your PUBG PC game crashes, it could be because of the rendering issue of graphics processing software or graphics card driver.
How to resolve the crashing issue?

  • ● Go to your game launcher (whether it is Steam or any other) and click on the option of “Validate Game Files”. Run the feature and see if any of the files are missing
  • ● Update the Windows of your computer. If any recent updates are available, your computer will restart.
  • ● If you have Nvidia Card Drivers, update the Nvidia Experience application. PUBG updates frequently to fix bugs and issues. The game coordinates with Nvidia to ensure the new drivers and patches are compatible with it. By not updating the card’s drivers, you won't be able to experience smooth gameplay

Stuttering Frame Rate

Your graphics card is the main issue if the frame rate of the game keeps changing during playing. Certain aspects of the game can lower the frame rate temporarily, including gunfights, vehicle piloting, entering areas with lots of different granular graphics objects.

But these issues aren’t all of them. Other problems can cause the frame rate to drop and makes the game unplayable.

How should you resolve this issue? Do this:

  • ● View the system resources by logging into your task manager. Do so while the game is running in the background and see which resources PUBG is currently using. The application will appear under the “Tslgame.exe” file.
  • ● If the PUBG PC is using high resources, you should upgrade your computer or lower the settings.
  • ● If other applications are consuming a lot of resources, try turning them off.

The Game Freezing the PC

PUBG PC is a weighty game. If you don’t have the minimum computer requirements, your PC will freeze while playing the game. There are many solutions to solve this problem. You should check the solution mentioned below as most players have reported the issue being solved with it:

  • ● Open the Nvidia control panel and press the Help button
  • ● After that, click on the Debug Mode by checking the box
  • ● Check now to see if the issue has been resolved.
Even after performing this, the PC still freezes, perform the PUBG clean install, and disable unwanted Windows 10 services to enhance the game performance.

Game Running Out of Video Memory Trying to Allocate a Texture

Another problem encountered by the gamers is the video memory error. If you face the same “Out of video memory” error while loading PUBG, try these solutions:

  • ● This issue arises when the PC doesn't meet the minimum system requirements for the game. So, make sure your PC is updated with the required hardware and software components.
  • ● Alternatively, you can check the game’s graphics configurations to solve the issue.
  • ● You can also try restarting the game after each match to avoid any memory leak issues

How to overcome these issues with one solution?

While every issue can be solved individually, it is best to download Latency Optimizer and remove all of these issues without any worries. Individual issues always become a problem but having an all-in-one solution that enables smooth PUBG gameplays can be achieved with Badosoft's Latency Optimizer.

Latency optimizer from Badosoft

Many factors can result in latency issues like a poor internet connection, energy-consuming applications, insufficient memory, etc. These factors are the root cause of the game crashing and lagging while playing. They can also cause ping and FPS problems.

A Latency Optimizer is a combination of tools that keeps everything in check, ensuring that heavy applications such as PubG can run smoothly on your personal computer. Badosoft Latency Optimizer helps you boost your PC settings and network connection to improve the PC's performance.


The Badosoft Latency Optimizer supports windows XP Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10. The advanced Latency Optimizer has 45 tunes and tweaks, and it also offers one-touch optimization. It fixes lagging issues and network problems and boosts the game’s performance through robust optimization, testing, analyzing, and cleaning tools.

Benefits of using a Latency Optimizer?

Isn't it enough that Latency Optimizer reduces high latency, foxes lag, improves FPS, boosts games and apps, and speeds up the Pc's internet connection? Not only this, but Latency Optimizer enables you to record your computer’s performance while playing PUBG or any other game.
Through its testing tools, you can measure the ping, upload, and download speed, monitor your network and test your current latency status.

Speed and Ping Test
This tool shows you the results of your upload and download speed and tests your network's ping. You can save all the speed tests with its Save Your Speed Test in your Latency Optimizer Badosoft account.

Latency Test
It measures the speed and quality of data packets moving from your PC to a server located anywhere in the world.

Network Information Tool
This feature lists the related information, objects, and log traffic passing over your digital network, helping you monitor your network activities in detail

System Maintenance Tools
Latency Optimizer gives you system cleaner, startup entries manager, disk cleaner, and system memory booster besides ping and latency features. The software comes in two variants:

  • ● Free for all
  • ● Lifetime license at $35

To get the most out of the software and playing PUBG without any lag, it's recommended that you buy the software with its heavy list of features.

Try Latency Optimizer if you are tired of fixing common PUBG PC issues daily. Download Latency Optimizer
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