CS:GO Lag Fix Guide - Ping, Latency & Lag Reduction (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 22.07.2019   15:00

Any online game will suck if your performance is having either Lag Spikes, Stutter or Frame Rate Drops, and CS:GO is not the exception.


CS:GO Lag, Ping and Latency Fix

So what do you do in this cases? Well I have a wide variety of solutions for you right here. But first take a look at our video optimization guide at our youtube channel!

Basic Internet Speed Improving Tips

This is the most basic things for you to solve, this are not CS : GO specific fixes, but rather a couple of things you should be doing to get the most out of your internet connection.
First thing is getting a wired connection to your internet! Forget about WiFi, sure it is super convenient and easy to set up in most cases but it is also slower.

Even the top quality highest speed WiFi routers will not be as fast as simply using any Ethernet cable to connect your router to your pc.
To put it plainly, you can have a really fast internet plan, but if your router sucks then your internet speed will suck… Not because you have a bad internet plan, but because your WiFi router cant keep up with it.

And the other basic fix you should look up (if you haven’t already) is making sure your Firewall is not getting in the way of your CS : GO data packages.

Firewalls are great tools to keep your pc safe, but they will hinder your data speed, and if your CS : GO is not among the allowed programs this will result in higher latency.
Again its an easy fix, just head to your Firewalls settings and add CS : GO to the list of programs that are approved or trusted. This way the Firewall wont be checking every data package coming and going from CS : GO.


Dedicated Internet Speed Improving Software

There are plenty of software in the market that claim to be able to improve your internet speed or reduce latency within games.

I’m referring to programs like Latency Optimizer 4.0

This works nicely and you can safely expect a 10 to 40 percent decrease on your latency while using them.
Keep in mind there are other programs to help you do this, but none is such professional and many years sucessfull on the market as Latency Optimizer

On the other hand software like Latency Optimizer is made to help on a variety of ways. It can optimize your data transfer protocols to optimize internet speed, and it can also optimize memory usage and cpu priorities to further optimize the performance of your pc.


Stutter and Frame Rates Drop Fixes

Now that we have addresses internet related problems lets go to the local aspect of the performance, improving our pc’s resources and getting the most out of it.
It’s a no brainer that if you constantly have low fps you should lower your graphic settings.
The problem with CS : GO is that even with a good pc we can still have a frustrating amount of stutter or an overall low performance, due to the fact that the Source engine is not the best engine out there, and is not particularly well optimiezed for CS : GO either…

Cleaning Up Cache Memory And Other Non Essential Files

The first thing you can try is cleaning up and basically reseting CS : GO.
Just go to your CSGO directory (STEAMDIR\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg).
Before you do this, you should do a backup of two files - config.cfg and video.txt. Also, keep your binds in autoexec.cfg. 

After you have the backups of these files delete the rest of the files on said directory and add the backed up files again. You can also go into your /cache/folder and delete the files as well (which are incomplete map downloads and sounds from the community)

Doing this will reset CS : GO to it’s original settings and should make the game run like the first time you played it.


Audio Software Fixes

One of CS : GO’s problems comes from bad audio optimization, a high usage of audio data can actually cause the game to stutter.
So if you are using specialized audio software (i.e. Razer Surround or Steelseries headset drivers) disabling every function on them will result on a better Frame Rate.

And yes it sucks not getting the most out of your gaming headset, but compared to not being able to play because of stutter or dying because of it, well I’ll take the frame rate performance.

Optimizing Launch Options

And finally we can configure CS : GO launch options to improve the overall performance.
To do this we simply need to head into our Steam game library, right clicking CS : GO and then click on “Properties”
In the General Tab we will see “Set Launch Options

And set the following line:
-novid -nod3d9ex -threads x (x is number of your cores) -high

• novid - will disable the intro
• nod3d9ex - disables some external effects of DirectX – which in turn will improve your Frame Rates
• threads x - threads of your processor (if you don’t how many threads you have just use the core number)
• high - sets high priority to CSGO process


Final Thoughts 

Most the fixes that we discussed are simple and can be done within a couple of minutes, it is highly recommended to use a wired connection to get the most out of your internet plan since you are already paying for it.
And finally if doing configurations on your pc is an intimidating task for you and you do not wish to mess with it manually, then using Latency Optimizer is an easy tool that will automatically clean your RAM and optimize your memory usage.

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