Slight speed improvements in Diablo 3 (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 19.07.2019   13:00

Blizzard released a new patch for Diablo 3! The patch fixes so far PC performance issues, most likely in connection with game settings, graphics, CPU and RAM. The patch fixes beside various general, class, items, crafting, in-game mechanics and social updates many bugs. Reading trough the hotfixes doesn't give clearance about high latency issues caused from game server, ISP or the user's end (internet connection).

We have seen a slight decrease of Diablo 3 lag in the last 60 days. To come up with some numbers, we can say that Diablo 3 lag decreases for around 1.5 %. Note that these numbers are based on users of Latency Optimizer 4.0, polls & surveys on Badosoft websites and incoming search terms. The new Diablo 3 patch pushes our lag statistics from 9.7% lagging players back to 8.2%.

8.2% of Diablo 3 players currently lag

Blizzards patch definitely solved some issues. Yet still 8.2% of Diablo 3 players currently lag. It is most likely that a major part of lagging players the internet connection and system internals causing high latency. Furthermore ISP (Internet Service Provider) with weak Internet gateway connections to the game servers, or ISP with lower quality lines and signals can be made responsible for Diablo 3 lag.

Diablo 3 screenshot


* Looking at the future of Diablo 3 lag we are tending to say that around 6% of Diablo 3 players will lag, no matter on how many patches Blizzard releases. Please understand that Blizzard cannot influence ISPs and YOUR computer's performance, internet connection and system internals.

If you are still lagging after the Diablo 3 patch 1.0.3a, you are advised to watch YOUR end!

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Diablo 3 bug fixes

Blizzard made some speed improvements and it seems that 1.5% of former lagging players can finally enjoy Diablo 3. Blizzard's developers mostly fixed bugs and made updates to the following areas:

- General
- Classes
- Items
- Crafting
- Followers
- Bosses
- Monsters / Mobs
- Bug Fixes

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*Source & copyright of all game media used: Blizzard
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