Dota 2 Lag - Game Settings To Improve Performance & FPS (UPDATED)

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We are pretty sure you are familiar of the term DotA. Defense of the Ancients started off as a mod in Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos designed by infamous IceFrog. Match starts with ten heroes and each player gets to control one hero, making it 5v5 until one of their ancients falls. Later on Valve decided to hire IceFrog to create Dota 2 on Source game engine. it was officially released on Steam platform in 2013. Dota 2 has a huge eSport scene, in fact, the biggest there is. The International 2018 prize pool was 25 million dollars and it was won by OG.

How to increase fps in dota 2

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena or what most people would say "MOBA". Basically five players fight collectively in five different roles to destroy the opposing team's base. Each player gets to pick a different hero and play the roles between "carry" "support "mid" "roamer" "jungler". The two teams, also known as Radiant and Dire, have their bases located in the corners of the map and once the horn beeps the match starts.

Dota 2 Advanced Video Options Guide

• First start with enabling your FPS counter, if you do not know how you can watch our short video guide here or type net_graph 1 in developers console.

Personally I am amazed how much control the player has been given over their video options. Basically any computer can run Dota 2 once you disable the right options.


How Dota 2 options affect the game performance:

Animate Portrait
animates your hero icon on your user interface inside a match. Should not significantly affect performance.

Additive Light Pass: Additive Light Pass is the process of performing multiple passes while rendering lighting within a scene.

World Lightning you will notice the difference in the lightning-source-count when you disable this option

Ambient Occlusion is a 3D rendering option that calculates how bright should an certain object be, taking the distance of nearby objects into consideration. Ergo, when you disable this option you should get a nice performance boost.

Normal Maps is a GPU-intensive option, by turning it off you will get a simpler version of in game 3D models. They take way less power to render, hence the better performance.

Ambient Creatures are a non intractable NPC's that do not affect the game in any way, they are placed in there purely for aesthetics. Creature such as rabbits, butterflies, fish, etc.

Ambient Cloth Simulation: The Immortal Gardens terrain has cloth/flags at various points in the map, the option basically turns off the physics simulation for the cloth/flags.

Grass enables or disables 3D models and physics of a grass in-game.

Anti-Aliasing: We see smooth curves and lines in the real world. However, when computers render images for display on a monitor, those curves and lines break down into tiny square elements called pixels. This process results in lines and edges that often appear jagged.

Specular: Provides highlights on the terrain, causing it to glow and look more lifelike. I'd prefer to keep this on, as the world looks de-saturated without it.

Specular and Light Bloom makes the highlight from Specular appear a little bit brighter. Not much performance difference if you already have Specular turned on.

High Quality Water is an option that enables the physics and high quality looks of a water. Takes up rendering power so I suggest you turn this off on a budget machine.

Atmospheric Fog / Caustics Causes wisps of fog to appear around trees and foliage around the map, noticeable at night quite a bit. Doesn't seem to affect FPS much, so I'd keep it on to make the map appear fuller.

High Quality Dashboard is a main menu background, it is a quality option, so do not bother with this on a weaker PC.

V-Sync or Vertical Synchronization is a limiter option, It limits the maximum frame rate cap to the maximum refresh rate of your monitor. Therefore it synchronizes the two making the imagine clearer on fast transitions. V-sync is a performance option and it does affect FPS your PC drastically. We suggest you turn it off.

Tree Wind adds the physics to trees, making them gently sway in the wind. Affects the performance a bit considering that the whole map is covered with trees. If you disable the option they will just stay still.

Dota 2 Network Problems Fixes


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Every single online game has a problem with latency lag. The biggest issue actually is understanding who is at fault when the lag occurs, because it happens when the communication between Client (You) - ISP (Your Internet Service Provider) - Game (Server) is interrupted. To have a stable connection all three of these must work in perfect harmony, although it is not the case everywhere in the world and if your machine is having similar problems, here is what you can do. Bear in mind that you are only capable if fixing the Client (Your PC) side of communication. Well yes, you can call your ISP and hopefully they fix it if the problem is on their grid. While, if the Game Server is having major problems and cannot stabilize, then there is nothing you can do.

First let start enabling the network information, it will let you know your exact Packet loss.

Settings > Options > Advanced Options > Miscellaneous > Display Network information

If you noticed you have a major latency issues and nobody else is complaining in a match, then it just might not be server side problem.

Here is what you can do in a few short steps:

1) Disable torrents / Steam library downloads (although they are paused after you enter a game in Steam platform) and wireless fiction

2) Restart your router - Unplug it from a socket and wait a few minutes, then plug it back in, wait until it is ON before trying to access internet, if that doesn't work:

3) Call your Internet Service Provider for router service / change. Networking hardware is constantly being updated on the market, maybe you just need a newer piece of hardware, because yours is outdated.

4) Our best bet is to download Latency Optimizer 4.0, Latency Optimizer is diagnostic, cleaning and optimizing software! It will assist you by fixing performance issues with your operating system, video / online games and software applications.

Best of luck in your daily MMR hunt!

Get help by analyzing and fixing Dota 2 Lag and increase game performance

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