Dragon Nest lag, latency and ping fix & How to?

Dragon Nest: Defying the Odds includes features like Titan & Archbishop Nest Hell Modes, Solo Nest Mode, system improvements, UI changes and bug fixes. As the Dragon Nest community was waiting hard for those changes to happen, the feedback about the new content and features was mostly welcome!

Some players are still unhappy with the balancing system, lag, latency and ping issues in the game and looking forward that Nexon starts to work on these issues! Dragon Nest players must keep in mind that the majority of lag issues are caused on the player's computer and related infrastructure! Nexon cannot influence in solving lag, latency and ping issues caused on the player's end!

How to fix lag, latency and ping issues in Dragon Nest?

Dragon Nest lag issues are mainly caused
by a slow performing operating system, malfunctioning hardware, wrongly configured Internet connection settings, infections and issues like high CPU or system memory usage and of course the quality and speed of your internet connection!

Before looking deeper into the lag, latency and ping issues, changing the game settings to the lowest possible is always the first step you should take!



Game Server lag issues

It is in the nature of online games that game server lag happens from time to time. It is technically not possible to ensure that game servers run 100% lag free. This applies not only to Dragon Nest, it applies to ALL online games!!!

How to fix?

Unfortunately game server lag cannot be fixed by you or your ISP. Only the server administrators of Dragon Nest can fix game server lag and the administrators do of course depend on the datacenter and their ISP.

Keep in mind that game server lag is mainly temporary!

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Operating System lag issues

A slow performing operating system can cause Dragon Nest lag as well!

The delay of started/end processes, services, commands and actions is called latency. If the latency is high graphics, audio or over all game perfromance can cause lag! Keep in mind that a fast performing OS has a high impact of sent and received data packages from your computer to the game server and back!

If your OS performs slowly, the data packages containing in-game information will be processed slowly as well.

How to fix?

You can download Latency Optimizer from our website to tweak & fine-tune your internet connection and speed up your operating system!

Assure that your system is clean (no infections) and that all your hardware parts are functioning, drivers, firmware are updated.

Please keep also in mind that security applications like firewalls, virus-scanners and similar can block certain processes and services and uses system resources. As special real-time scanning and prevention features can cause a delay of the OS speed if certain processes and services needs to be started/ ended.


Hardware lag issues

Dragon Nest has quite low System Requirements, it will run almost on every computer as long it is not a relic of the stone age. But you must keep in mind that if you have malfunctioning hardware parts the game can lag.

How to fix:
Go to the device manager and look out for error signs on individual peripherals! Sometimes insufficient power or a dusty CPU ventilator can be viral reasons for lag!


Internet connection lag issues

Your internet connection speed and ping is majorly important for Dragon Nest!

Your internet connection speed and ping depends on:

Your modem / router
Wires or signal
Performance of your OS
Internet connection settings

How to fix:

Wrongly configured internet connection settings, registry settings, slow performing OS, hardware issues, modem/router settings, the quality service your of your ISP provides and much more depends on the performance and quality of your internet connection.

In any case, you should test your internet connection speed, ping and latency from time to time to be sure that all is proper functioning! You can download Speedtest4free from our Website and Latency Optimizer. Both programs will assist you to troubleshoot or fix internet connection speed, ping and latency issues!

If you are sure your ISP is causing the issue you will need to confront him and ask for assistance! It is very wise if you already ensured that you did all you could to terminate that the issue is not caused on YOUR END!

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Other Software relates lag issues

Old drivers and firmware can cause lag issues as well as too many active processes, services or 3rd party applications. An infected system can have lag issues as well. Keep in mind that security applications will help you to track down infections and prevent your system from infections to some degree.

But on the other hand, security applications take over major control of your system, use system resources and most of them take a share of your internet connection bandwidth. Security applications can cause lag by themselves, depending on the overall performance of your hardware and OS of course.

How to fix:

1. We advise that you download and install only software programs you really NEED.
2. Educate yourself about the use of security applications.
3. Keep your OS, drivers and firmware up to date.
4. Forbid programs to enter the Internet automatically if not REALLY NESCESSARY
5. Always back-up your OS before changes! So you can roll back...

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