How to get faster Internet? (UPDATED)

UPDATED 07.07.2019   19:00

Slow and ultra-fast internet connections are available all around the globe. Some are really cheap while others are quite expensive. Prices and availability of those internet connections strongly depend on your location and budget. The faster your internet connection is, the better your surfing experience. The speed of your internet connection influences how fast your up/download speed, file, audio, video transmission will be.

Fast Internet will make your online life or online work easier. No matter if you play online games, make phone calls over Internet, send/receive email, download software, images, music, videos or use professional online applications for your work, fast Internet is a must these days! If you listen to the Internet users who already have a very fast internet connection you will most likely enjoy the Internet world.

I have fast Internet but it is performing slowly!

When it comes to optic internet connection, many people wonder if its actually worth getting. If you are contemplating this option, a Youtube persona Timmy Joe that does various tutorials and explanation in tech world made a video about it. Check it out and maybe you can make up your mind.


• What is fiber optic internet? - It is a special way of connection to the internet and transfering data via fiber optic cables. These cables are, in fact, a thin glass wires that transfer data by light signals, hence "optic".

Yet there are users who have fast Internet connections but for the one or other reason cannot get the full fast internet speed that they are paying for. Even if the fast Internet users did complain to their Internet Service Provider (ISP) about the slow Internet, in many cases the issue that causes Internet to be slow is caused from the user's PC.

The Internet Service Provider cannot influence the local computer and yet it is not his obligation. When we talk about slow Internet caused by users PCs, then this includes specific settings of the operating system; registry settings, Internet protocol settings, system processes, malfunctions, software failures, third party software manipulation, and infections.

The fast Internet also depends on the computer performance what can be slowed down by irregular maintenance. Hard disks full of junk files, slowly HD space, big amounts of unneeded temporary system files and other temp files; the list could be very long

So what can you do to get faster Internet?

If you already have a contract with an Internet Service Provider to deliver you fast Internet but actually the service you are paying for doesn't result in satisfaction and your ISP cannot help from his end, then it's most likely that your PC might be causing the slow Internet.

If you have a slow or medium fast Internet but you or your ISP is not in the situation to provide a faster Internet service then you can use the fastest Internet Accelerator (here) available and tweak & fine-tune your slowly internet connection and speed up your PC with various tools.

Latency Optimizer 4 works with:

- Analogue (56kbs) dial up Internet connection
- Cable (512Kbs to 20 Mbps) Internet connection
- Internet over Satellite (average 500Kbps)
- Tier Carrier Internet connection
- DSL (128Kbps to 8Mbps)
- Optical Cable (1Gbps+)
- Internet2 (100Gbps)

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