The fastest web browsers? (PERFORMANCE TEST)

Million and millions of Internet users search for the fastest web browser! Almost every web browser developer claims to have the fastest solution. For those searching for the fastest web browser, we made statistics and will give you some tips and tricks on how to speed up your web browser.

Based on a survey we made on our websites and after looking deeper in our web server's statistics, the following web browsers are most popular and the fastest amongst all participants of the survey and our web server's statistics.

What is the fastest Web browser?

Fastest Web browser

Graph & Statistics by Badosoft ltd. (

Most popular web browsers Fastest web browsers Most secure web browsers
1. Chrome (10 /10)
2. Firefox (8/10)
3. Internet Explorer (8/10)
4. Safari /7/10)
5. Opera (7/10)
6. SeaMonkey (6/10)
7. Maxthon (4/10)
8. Deepnet Explorer
1. Chrome
2. Firefox
3. Internet Explorer
4. Deepnet Explorer
5. Safari
6. Opera
7. SeaMonkey
8. Maxthon
1. Chrome
2. Firefox
3. Internet Explorer
4. Safari
5. Opera
6. SeaMonkey
6. Maxthon
6. Deepnet Explorer

Different speed of Web browsers!

First of all, the web browser speed is limited by the internet connection speed and the performance of the computer and installed system. If you have a slow internet connection speed and a slow performing computer and/or system, you will most likely not notice any significant difference while surfing the Internet with different browsers.

Another important fact is if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has technical issues or has bad connections to some internet gateways, the loading time of a website will take longer. But these issues are spread across all web browsers. So if you are testing the speed of a web browser yourself, you should always choose to open the same websites while doing the test with different web browsers!

It is true that there are differences between different web browsers regarding the speed, but the differences are mainly with balancing system memory, tiny algorithms and the order of data loaded.

The differences in the speed are usually just mill. seconds!

Opening with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer shows that: Opening with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer shows that:
- Chrome needs 0,25 seconds
- Firefox needs 0,23 seconds
- IE needs 0,22 seconds
- Chrome needs 2,10 seconds
- Firefox needs 2,08 seconds
- IE needs 2,09 seconds

Looking at this data brings up the following question: Is the web browser speed difference in milliseconds relevant to a user?

Probably in most of the cases when a web browser is used, the little speed difference is not relevant at all. Looking from a high-end web browser user like a real-time stock trader, serious players of browser based games, bidders at online auctions or users of other real-time online applications, the web browser speed might make a difference!
How to speed up your web browser and make it faster?

Before we will talk about some solutions on how to speed up web browsers, we will list possible issues that might cause a web browser to perform slowly!

What can cause web browsers to perform slowly?


slow web browser alert icon - Slow internet connection speed slow web browser alert icon - Slow performing computer
slow web browser alert icon - Slow performing operating system slow web browser alert icon - Misconfigured router or modem
slow web browser alert icon - Technical issues by your ISP slow web browser alert icon - Too high security settings in the web browser
slow web browser alert icon - Plug-ins and toolbars slow web browser alert icon - Not regularly updating the web browser
slow web browser alert icon - Virus or other malware infections slow web browser alert icon - Winsock, IP and DNS issues
slow web browser alert icon - Firewalls, antivirus scanners and other security applications slowing down slow web browser alert icon - Too many 3rd party applications interfering with the internet connection
slow web browser alert icon - Others!    

How to speed up your Web browser?

speed up browser icon - Monitor your internet connection speed over a couple of days with Speedtest4free and complain to your ISP if you do not receive the ordered speed!
speed up browser icon - Download Latency Optimizer here and do regular system maintenance. Speed up and boost your internet connection and web browser via the 3 predefined modes or apply 45 tweaks & tunes.
speed up browser icon - Adjust the security settings to a level that still protects your computer but allows your web browser to perform faster. (Note: A firewall and antivirus scanner should be installed on your computer).
speed up browser icon - A computer without a firewall and at least one anti-virus scanner is vulnerable to infections! A moderate percentage of performance issues of web browsers are caused by various infections. But as already said, choose your firewall and anti-virus scanner wisely and read through the manual!
speed up browser icon - Connectivity Fixer PRO will assist you with broken or misconfigured internet connections after a virus & co-infection. Furthermore, it will help you to fix Winsock, IP and DNS issues!
speed up browser icon - Update not only drivers of your OS and hardware parts; update your web browser as well!
speed up browser icon - Keep plug-ins at minimum and use toolbars only if really needed
speed up browser icon - Before installing a firewall, virus-scanner or any other security application, read through the manual and check related forums. Almost all security applications today have one thing in common; they automatically take control of all related settings if you do not customize them as needed.

There are tons and tons of users that have the wildest issues caused by security applications, including internet connection performance issues! Security is important, but be aware that you need to know your security application well to customize it, as the default settings are mainly blocking everything possible for the sake of safety. Voices, telling developers of security applications to come up with some new technology instead of restricting and blocking almost everything, are getting louder!

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