How to fix Darkfall lag via system and internet connection boost?

Aventurine´s Darkfall Unholy Wars is a MMORPG that focuses on PVP (Players versus Players).

As many hardcore gamers already know PVP battles can bring lag issues with them. Especially in PVP, lag is a real pain and getting rid of it is not that easy as some might think. Please note that not every lag problem can be fixed at your end!

This article will give you a overview on the most common lag issues in Darkfall and suggestions on how to fix them.

Darkfall lag fix

It is very important that you understand that lag can be caused by tons and tons of reasons and troubleshooting causes of lag in Darkfall is as same hard as by any other MMORPG out there! As already mentioned, especially when it comes to PVP battles, lag is a real fun killer.

Many of you might ask why lag happens when you battle another human player or join a battleground? !


The answer is quite simple.

Data packages send from your computer to the game server and back have, depending on the location of all players involved, different distances to travel. Those data packages that contain important game information such as actions, movements or calculations are almost made in real-time (milliseconds) and not every system, hardware or internet connection involved will process those packages as fast as possible.

A delay of the data sending and receiving process can cause delays on the game server. Of course there are many scripts and applications running on a game server with the only purpose to synchronize such delays but depending on the ammount of processes and time needed, also game servers have their limits.


Graphics cards, audio card, processor, RAM, router or other peripherals

A major part of all Darkfall lag issues are caused by not sufficient processor power, available RAM or not strong enough graphics or audio cards. Sometimes even router with minimal power issues can cause lag as well.

Please note that your Hardware might work OK but old drivers, firmware or driver conflicts can slow down the processing speed!


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Internet connection and system performance issues

The majority of ALL lag issues in MMORPG´s like Darkfall are caused by not stable or slow internet connections or a slow performing operating system. Even if you have a totally new computer, build for gaming, with the best hardware available, if your operating system performs slow because of an infection, wrongly configured internet connection settings, wrong registry settings unnecessary or malfunctioning system services, it is very possible that you will lag in Darkfall Unholy Wars!

You must also understand that your internet connection quality and speed is essential for online gaming! Internet connections can perform slow or not stable because of various reasons! Malfunctioning, not supported or not strong enough hardware.

- Low system memory

- High CPU usage

- 3rd party applications installed on your computer slowing it down or changing important settings

- Virus-scanners, Firewall or other security applications interfering

- Lack of periodically made system maintenance

- Bandwidth issues due the amount of connected users sharing the same internet connection

- ISP based issues like weak signals, bad lines or gateway issues

- System latency issues caused by various reasons causing packages to be sent and received too slow

- Temporary game server issues

If your OS performs slowly, the data packages containing in-game information will be processed slowly as well.

The first step we recommend to you is to download Latency Optimizer and start to analyze your system and internet connection. Once you found out what causes the Darkfall lag, you will be able to apply fixes that cover a majority of the possible lag issues!

However it is not allays possible to fix lag at your end. If this is the case, you will need to collect evidence that the issues are caused rather by your ISP or the game server. In both situations Latency Optimizer will assist you to collect evidences!

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