How to troubleshoot & fix EVE online lag and latency problems?

With more than 400,000 active subscribers, Eve Online counts to the world top 20 most played MMORPGs. While traveling through the more than 7,500 star-systems including moons, planets, stations, wormholes, asteroid belts and complexes or practicing professions like mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, or combat NPCs or other players, it is no wonder that lag problems caused by the Eve game servers can happen!

But don´t forget that game server lag is mainly temporary and there are tons and tons of other reasons that can cause lag as well!

Track down the lag causes

While troubleshooting possible lag issues in Eve online you need to understand that lag can be caused from:

1. The Eve game servers
2. Your ISP
3. Your computer or your computer´s infrastructure

Ad 1. It is quite easy to know if the lag you experience in Eve is caused by the game server, as you will be not the only player in the game who will lag. You can talk to other players and share your experience or ask via the chat if there is game server lag.

The Eve Support, Forum or Community website usually informs players about temporary Game server lag as well.

Ad 2. Doing regularly speed tests and ping tests is the best method to monitor your internet connection speed and ping. If you notice that your speed varies much overtime or your ping is from time to time high, you will need to document the results and contact your ISP.

Please note that there are many local reasons (computer, wire, router, modem, wireless router positions, so on...) that could cause a decrease of your internet connection speed or increases the ping. It isn't always your ISP´s fault if your connection speed went down or your ping sky-rockets!

Ad 3. Lag caused by your computer and/or connected peripherals is much harder to track down than lag caused by the game server or ISP. There are literary thousands of reasons that could slow down the process of sending and receiving data packages containing game information.

Graphic lag, sound stuttering, movement and action delay, login and disconnection problems can be caused by the lack of a stable internet connection caused by the CPU, RAM, HDD, graphic card, audio card or a general slow performing operating system.

Wrong or missing registry settings, wrongly configured internet connection settings, insufficient or improperly working hardware, old drivers, other installed software on your system are some of the reasons why Eve can lag for you!


Fix lag, latency and ping problems

The game server

Lag caused by the Eve game server can be not fixed by you or your ISP´s end! You can only be patient till the game server lag is fixed by the game developer. Keep in mind that some game servers do kick players if the player's end causes lag!

So it is always the best bet to keep YOUR END lag free! You can download Latency Optimizer which will help you to troubleshoot and fix lag issues caused from your END!


If your ISP provides you with weak signals or bad lines you will need to complain or at least ask for help to fix the problem. As already mentioned you can monitor your internet connection speed and ping (via Speedtest4free or Latency Optimizer) over a longer period of time, save and compare the results and ask your ISP for help if the results show that your internet connection is not from the quality you are paying for!

Please note that the majority of ISP´s will most likely argue that the issues causing the slow internet connection speed or high ping are on your end!

We recommend that you to have your end fixed before you contact your ISP! Latency Optimizer can assist you to have your end under control!

Game proxy & tunnel services

In rare cases, a tunnel or proxy service can help you to solve Internet gateway and Internet nodes issues. But keep in mind that actually your ISP is responsible for such issues and that you always need to be connected to your ISP's line or signal even if you shape trough a proxy or tunnel.

If your line or signal is weak in the first place, it is very questionable if this service can help!

The players computer and connected peripherals

The most complex and hardest part comes when lag is caused somewhere at your computer, modem, router, USB device, other external peripherals, operating system-, other installed software or infections... Track down, troubleshoot and fix lag issues caused at your end would need pages over pages to explain.

*Source & Copyright of EVE online media used: CCP

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