Fix lag and speed up performance of Android phone games and apps (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 23.07.2019   17:00

Other than a desktop computer operating system the Android phone system does not provide much possibilities for tunes and tweaks to increase its performance or fix lag in games or apps. However, we suggest you to follow this 15 fast and easy steps to fix laggy or slow performing apps or games on your Android phone like Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Moto G, Google Nexus, Sony Xperia, LG or other.


How To Fix Lag And Boost Performance Of Your Android Phones

Andriod became a very reliable mobile platform over the last couple of years, currnetly surpasing iOS on market worldwide, inspite of its greatness, it still has issues that bother clients daily. Check them out!

Before providing solutions and tips to fix lag and speed up Android phone performance we need to explain few facts about the Android system. In general there are not much possibilities for a user to interact with the system due its restrictive functionality.

This said, there might be the one or other proper way to get much more out of your Android phone but this mainly on a rooted device but we do NOT suggest to root your device unless your are an Android professional.

There some apps around in the Google Play Store claiming to fix lag or increase your phones performance, but those are mainly placebo apps providing no till very little help!

If you need to fix a laggy app or game you will need to understand why Android games or apps can lag or perform slow.


Why Android Games Or Apps Lag Or Perfoms Slow On Your Phone?

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Here are 15 common reason why your Android phone performs slow or your game or app is laggy:

1. Your phone is not compatible with the game or app of your choice.

2. Your phones Android system is out of date.

3. Your GSM or WiFi signal is poor.

4. There is no till little available memory space.

5. Your phone is overheating.

6. The Android system on your phone is corrupted.

7. The game or app installation is corrupted.

8. Your battery is malfunctioning.

9. Your Android phone is infected by a virus or malware.

10. Some Android system settings are wrongly configured.

11. The Android game or app server suffers from high latency

12. Your Android phones CPU usage is high.

13. The Android game or app is badly coded or not optimized to provide high performance.

14. To many active games or apps running in background.

15. Some of your phones Hardware is malfunctioning.


15 Tips How To Fix Lag And Performance Problems Of Your Android Phone, Games Or Apps

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1. Verify that your Android phone is compatible with the game or app.

2. Update your Android system regularly or turn on auto update in the system settings.

3. Find a place where you get a stronger GSM or WiFi signal or contact your ISP if your signal is permanently poor. Free or open WiFi usually provide low bandwidth. Turn off your phone regularly  (min. every 5 days) to fix IP and DNS problems.

4. Clear the temp cache of your Android phone, clear saved data of apps and games you do not need via the app settings menu.

5. Avoid using masks if you recognize your phone gets hot. Turn off your phone and let it cool down. If the problem persists check your battery or CPU usage.

6. Back up ALL your data and files and make a factory reset via the system settings if your Android system is corrupted. You can also make a hardware reset via the Android boot manager.

7. If your game or app installation is corrupted, uninstall it, restart your phone and install it again.

8. If your phones battery is malfunctioning usually its life is drained very fast or the battery is swollen. Check for battery usage of your games and apps and uninstall the game or app in question. Replace the battery if its swollen.

9. Your Android phone  can be infected by a virus or malware you need to install a virus and malware scanner. In some cases you will need to check for viruses and malware whit min. 2 nonindependent scanners.

10. Check if all your games and apps are optimized for battery usage and performance via the system stings.

11. If your games or apps server is suffering from high latency there is nothing you can do about it. Check the developers Website for announcements or send a message to him.

12. If the CPU usage of your Android phone is high there reason might be that you play a game or use a app that is only limited compatible with your phone. Also, close all background task and restart your phone. If the high CPU usage persists you can try a factory reset or bring it to the service.

13. There is possibility that the game or app is badly coded or not optimized to provide high performance. You will need to skip such games and apps.

14. Regularly close  games or apps running in background as they might slow done the performance or cause lag.

15. There are many Hardware parts of your phone that could malfunctioning. It is very hard for a common user to track down the cause and you are advice to bring your phone to the service.

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