Fix Netflix lag on your Computer - Fast solution

More than 50 million people do use the Netflix Internet video streaming or DVD renting service. No wonder that the one or other user is fighting with lag issues! In most of the cases where lag occurs, Netflix itself isn't responsible for the caused lag!

Find out more about what can cause lag in Netflix and how you can fix it yourself.


Why Netflix lags and how to fix it!


This article will shortly explain you lag causes and suggest you solutions to get rid of Netfix lag happening on your Computer.

Why Netflix lags on your computer?

The most common reason why Netflix might lag on your Computer is your Internet connection, besides general Computer lag issues, like slow or malfunctioning graphics card, audio card, network card or high CPU usage, not enough virtual or physical memory or any other of the hundreds of lag causes on a users Computer!


Adjust The Streaming Preferences

As with any streaming service lag can happen!
In order to improve your Netflix experience on your Computer you can adjust the streaming preference via pressing Shift+Alt+Left Click. You will be able to manually adjust bandwidth usage and buffering.


When Netflix lag is caused by the server

Lag caused by the Netflix server is mainly temporary. It can happen form time to time but usually such issue will be fixed very fast by the Netflix server admins! Patience is the best bet as you cannot influence at your end!


When you ISP causes Netflix to lag

If your ISP has infrastructure or other technical issues, Netflix can lag temporary. But most of the time, this is temporary as well and if the netflix lag issues is on your ISPs end, you will notice that most of your online services or applications will lag as well. Sent a short notification to your ISP and ask for ETA.

Another, worse scenario is when your ISP provides you with a weak signal or bad line. In that case you will need to provide your ISP with facts ( collect speed test results via Latency Optimizer) and ask him to fix the issue. Be aware that it is hard to proof that lag is actually caused by your ISP and not at your Computer. Most of the time, ISPs intend to give all guilt to your Computer!


When you Computer causes the Netflix lag

Your Computer is the only end where you actually can try to fix the lag. But lag caused by your Computer, Operating System, internet connection settings, services and processes is not that easy. You will need to diagnose and test many different things to track down the reason why Netflix lags because of your end!


Do the following to fix the lag in Netflix

Now we will give you some working solutions to solve Internet connectivity, Internet connection speed, latency, lag and ping improvements you can make at your end and you might fix your Netflix lag. Download Speedtest4free and make a speed test to see if you have general up / download issues, download Speedtest4free

- If you have a slow Interent connection you will want to read this article to increase your Internet connection speed. fix slow internet connection

- If you have connectivity issues to connect or run Netflix lag free, download Connectivity Fixer

- If Netflix still lags, use Latency Optimizer. Run the diagnostic and testing tools and see where you stand. Once you got a clue what causes the lag in Netflix use the various tools to optimize your Computer, Operating System, Internet connection settings and after that, let the cleaners do the rest. download Latency Optimizer

- If all your effort didn't solve your Netflix lag problem, you should read this 2 detailed articles about How to fix Computer lag and How to fix online lag.

Netflix Lag Fix Software

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