How to fix Battle of the Immortals lag?

With the Shifting Tides, Perfect World Entertainment Inc. brought a promising expansion for Battles of the Immortals live! A journey to locate the source of power to help strengthen the world's defenses is waiting for you and will lead heroes through unexplored lands, adventures and battles. As with every new expansion, players should prepare for lag and latency issues, login problems, disconnections, freezing screens and computers on the release day! It is quite normal for online games like Battle of the Immortals & Shifting Tides, that around 10-15% of its players can have issues on the release day!

If you experience permanent lag, latency issues, freezing screens, login issues or disconnects you can download our lag fix that will assist you with Battle of Immortals problems caused by internet connections and operating systems!

How to solve Battle of Immortals & Shifting Tides lag issues? What's new in the Battle of Immortals Expansion?

- Exalted Strength enables you to higher level of power
- New Instance The Radiant Temple
- New Champion's Arena with improved balancing system
- The Endless Stairs is a new single player Instance (100 lvl´s)

- New quests, items, zones, new pet and player systems, intense PVP, and new pets!

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How to fix Battle of Immortals lag caused by your computer?

The majority of online game lag is caused by the players end! It is very difficult to seek out the reasons why an online game (MMO) like Battle of the Immortals & Shifting Tides lags.

Malfunctioning hardware devices, old drivers, slow or laggy internet connection, wrong internet connection settings, missing or wrong registry settings, harmful processes, corrupted system internals, infections like virus, Trojans, malware, ad-ware, and root-kits are only few of the reasons why Battle of the Immortals can lag for some of its players.

A reason for online game lag can be as trivial as a dusty CPU fan causing your processor to work slowly!

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In general the following steps can be taken to troubleshoot Battle of Immortals lag issues:

fix BOI lag info icon - Apply the lowest Battle of the Immortals & Shifting Tides game settings as a test.
fix BOI lag info icon - Try to create an character on a different server.
fix BOI lag info icon - Talk to other players over the chat system to find out if only you experience lag.
fix BOI lag info icon - Ensure that your computer meets the system requirements.
fix BOI lag info icon - Look in your system devices for malfunctioning hardware devices.
fix BOI lag info icon - Update your graphics card and audio card drivers!
fix BOI lag info icon - Download Latency Optimizer to assist you to fix Battle of Immortals lag.
fix BOI lag info icon - Install a proper anti-virus scanner and customize it on your needs!
fix BOI lag info icon - Maintain your computer and system on a weekly basis.
fix BOI lag info icon - Troubleshoot your internet connection with Speedtest4free and Connectivity Fixer.
fix BOI lag info icon - Check your router settings for custom Battle of Immortal settings!
fix BOI lag info icon - Visit the Battles of the Immortals Support here

Shifting Tides - Battles of the Immortals lag fix article

How to fix Battle of Immortals lag caused by the game server?


BOI lag info - It is with about 90% surety that lag caused by game servers cannot fixed on the players end! Only the system administrators, host or the partner datacenter can reduce game server lag. The good news is that lag caused by game servers is mainly temporary and will normalize after few hours or 1 till 3 days.
BOI lag info - Report BOTI lag to the Perfect World support team or post it in the official forum.
BOI lag info - You can try to optimize the communication and synchronization with the game server and your computer with Latency Optimizer. In some cases the overloaded, maintenance or attacked game servers are able to receive smaller and faster data packages that can help to reduce the lag caused by game servers!
BOI lag info - Be patient!


How to fix Battle of Immortals lag caused by your ISP?


BOI lag info - Troubleshoot and measure your internet connection speed and ping with Speedtest4free or Latency Optimizer! If you find any issues with your internet connection speed or a too high ping you should contact your ISP and explain the issue. The best bet is to provide a proof of your research (you can use the saved speed and ping test results in your FREE Badosoft account).
BOI lag info - Look periodically for announcements on the ISPs website.
BOI lag info - Ask your ISP or study the manual of your router/modem to tweak settings for a smoother Battle of the Immortals game play. You can also ask your ISP to port-forward your connection, which actually has a small chance of reducing lag but in some rare cases it might help.
BOI lag info - If your ISP is not willing to solve the issues caused on his end and you have proof that the lag is caused by your ISP, you might want to switch to another Internet Service Provider.
BOI lag info - Please note that a satellite (wireless) internet connection is not recommended for online gaming! Yet you can try to improve the performance of your wireless internet connection with Latency Optimizer and read another blog post:


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