How to fix lag in Drakensang online game? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 20.07.2019   15:00

There are a few rumors around Drakensang online saying that the developers are planning (or already working) on a 3rd class. As quite a large amount of players are frustrated that there are only 2 classes available, this rumor might be true.

As Drakensang is a browser based MMO, there a quite a few more causes of Drakensang lag than with desktop MMO's. High latency issues in Drakensang can be extended to web browser issues, Flash Player issues and security settings issues.

Visit Drakensang official website for the news on the latest update tagged: "Hotfix #2 Relese 220" - 17.07.2019.

Why do some players experience high latency and lag in Drakensang?

First of all, it must be said that there is no online game out there that does not lag for one or the other player! If you lag in Drakensang, it is caused rather by the game server, the in-game mechanics, your ISP or from YOUR computer.

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Drakensang lag caused by the game server

If lag is caused by the Drakensang game server then there is nothing you can do to fix it. Game server lag can only be fixed on the developer's (server admins) side.

There are also situations where the game server lag is caused by partners of the developers, different datacenters or internet gateways. If you experience game server lag, remember that it is possible that Bigpoint might be not responsible or it is not in their power to fix it!

But there is good news as well: game server lag is mainly a temporary issue! Be patient!

Drakensang lag caused by your ISP

As an internet connection is essential for an online game like Drakensang, many lag issues are causes from bad lines and weak signals. Every serious Drakensang player should, at least 3 times per week, check the performance of his internet connection if he experiences lag. You can download Speedtest4free, a freeware speed and ping test from our Website.

Read through the instructions on how to do the free speed and ping test, save and compare the results to have evidence if you need to complain to your ISP about bad lines or weak signals causing your internet connection to perform slowly.

We also suggest that you periodically check the support website of your ISP if you experience Drakensang lag, as it is possible that there is just temporary maintenance work going on.

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Drakensang lag caused by YOUR end

The possible causes of Drakensang lag from your end are almost numerous! To list few of them:

It begins by not meeting the system requirements, malfunctioning hardware parts, old drivers and firmware, slow performing operating system, wrong, corrupted, misconfigured internet connection settings, protocols, registry settings, processes and other system internals and ends by viral reasons like a misplaced wireless router, improperly plugged in wire or missing knowledge on how to configure a firewall, antivirus-scanner or process blocker a Flash player that is not updated, slow performing web browser or high security settings of the web browser.

How to reduce latency (fix lag) in Drakensang?


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  - As aforementioned, high latency or lag caused by Drakensang's game servers or the game itself is not possible to fix by yourself! Monitoring the support section of Drakensang for changes is the best you can do
  - High latency caused by your ISP can be fixed mainly by complaining to your ISP (prepare evidence) or switching to another ISP. There are countries and areas where ISP's have low infrastructure or such bad connections to some internet gateways that it is almost impossible for them to reduce high latency.

If high latency in Drakensang is caused by YOUR end, then there are a few things you can do to reduce it:

Drakensang lag fix suggestions icon - Keep your system free of viruses and malware. Drakensang lag fix suggestions icon - Check if your computer meets the system requirements.
Drakensang lag fix suggestions icon - Replace malfunctioning hardware parts. Drakensang lag fix suggestions icon -Always update your drivers and firmware to the newest version.
Drakensang lag fix suggestions icon - Try to play Drakensang in another web browser. Drakensang lag fix suggestions icon - Update flash player to the newest version
Drakensang lag fix suggestions icon - Update your operating system regularly. Drakensang lag fix suggestions icon - Update your web browser regularly.
Drakensang lag fix suggestions icon - Use Latency Optimizer to assist you with reducing high latency in Drakensang.  Drakensang lag fix suggestions icon - Maintain your system once a week (Most of the maintenance work can be done with Latency Optimizer).
Drakensang lag fix suggestions icon - Read our blog article: 36 tips & tricks if your Internet is slow or not working properly Drakensang lag fix suggestions icon - Check your web browser security settings. If they are too high they might cause lag.

* Latency Optimizer includes 9 optimizing, cleaning and testing tools. 3 Predefined latency reduction modes and 45 tweaks & tunes for your internet connection!

*Source and Copyright of game media used: Bigpoint

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