Why The Secret World is laggy for you? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 20.09.2019   11:00

Funcom released Secret World Legends (for FREE) after a long wait! The Secret World is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) set in the modern-day real world where you won't find any classes or levels. In The Secret World you will have complete freedom to be whoever you want and to play whatever you want. The game is story-line driven (written by Ragnar The Longest Journey) and lets you explore the myths, legends and conspiracy theories of the real world.

Stuffed with newest technologies and fast game servers The Secret World ensures smooth game play. However, as with every other MMO game, one or the other will experience lag or high latency.

How to fix Secret World lag?

Especially on the first few days after the release, it is possible that quite a good amount of players will experience lag in the Secret World, but this is normal. Do not panic!

We are sure that the developers will come up with patches and that the game server admins will adjust the servers if there are any lag issues.

If you experience permanent lag in The Secret World it might be not caused by the game itself but may rather be on your ISP's end or your computer. You will need to reduce high latency in the Secret World to stop the lag!

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Why you might lag in The Secret World?

TSW info icon a.) Your computer or laptop doesn't meet the system requirements.
TSW info icon b.) Some of your computer's hardware is malfunctioning.
TSW info icon c.) Old drivers and firmware can cause lag.
TSW info icon d.) Your internet connection is too slow.
TSW info icon e.) Your ISP provides you with weak signals or bad lines.
TSW info icon f.) Your ISP has temporary technical issues
TSW info icon g.) Your router or modem needs special settings for The Secret World.
TSW info icon h.) The Secret World game servers have high load (temporary).
TSW info icon i.) Your operating system performs too slowly.
TSW info icon j.) Your Internet connection settings and related processes and protocols are misconfigured.
TSW info icon k.) Corrupted system internals andregistry settings.
TSW info icon l.) Virus, Spyware, adware, Trojan, root kit or other malware infections.
TSW info icon m.) Internet Gateway issues of your ISP or the game server
TSW info icon n.) Other!
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How to fix lag in The Secret World?

TSW lag solution icon a.) Upgrade your hardware to the system requirements.
TSW lag solution icon b.) Replace malfunctioning hardware parts.
TSW lag solution icon c.) Update drivers and firmware of router, modem, graphic card, audio card and so on...
TSW lag solution icon d.) Tweak & Tune your internet connection with Latency Optimizer or sign up for a faster connection by your ISP.
TSW lag solution icon e.) Troubleshoot your internet connection. Do a speed test, ping test (Speedtest4free) and latency test (Latency Optimizer).
TSW lag solution icon f.) Contact your ISP if the lag in The Secret World is caused by his end (provide him with data from point e.)
TSW lag solution icon g.) Check your router or modem settings if you need to make adjustments for The Secret World. Study the manual or contact your ISP for help.
TSW lag solution icon h.) Visit The Secret World Support section from time to time and check for announcements.
TSW lag solution icon i.) Maintaint your system with Latency Optimizer 4.0 (Newest version!).
TSW lag solution icon j.) Apply one of the 3 modes in Latency Optimizer to tune your internet connection settings, protocols and processes.
TSW lag solution icon k.) Periodically scan your system for infections with different tools (do not rely on only 1)

Reduce high latency in The Secret World!

In order to reduce high latency in the Secret World players needs to watch their end (computer, internet connection, system). There are tons and tons of reasons what could cause temporary or permanent lag in The Secret World. To be on the safe side, do all you can do at your end! More than 60% of all online game lag is caused by the users end! It is not the game server or the ISP what causes the issues!

*Source of all game media used: Funcom,

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