How to fix PlanetSide2 lag? - Troubleshoot performance issues

PlanetSide 2 the new Sony science fiction massively multiplayer online free to play shooter (MMOFPS) released with a totally new game engine and many promising features! PlanetSide 2 features the same world and factions and takes place in nearly the same time period as PlanetSide 1.

Regarding lag and latency issues in PlanetSide 2, we advise that you give the game servers some time as well as boost your computer and internet connection! Stuttering, flickering, sound issues, lag, high latency and high ping in PlanetSide 2 are common in new released online games, especially in the first 48 hours!

Troubleshoot PlanetSide 2 with us to reduce lag, latency and ping issues!

Flickering screens, stuttering sound, lagging actions, disconnection and freezes can be caused by a variety of reasons.

It can be hard to resolve the issue if it is caused by wrongly configured internet connection settings, processes, service or just that your computer does not meet the system requirements of PlanetSide 2 (your end).

You must also keep in mind that every MMOFPS's lag can be caused by the game server, in-game mechanics, the actual game code (that's the game's side) or by a low performing internet connection (weak signals, bad lines, technical issues (ISP's side). But before we actually tell you how to terminate and fix possible lag, latency and ping issues, we would like to give a short overview of the new PlanetSide 2 features:

PlanetSide 2 FIRE

What is new in PlanetSide2?

Balance System
Probably one of the most important improvements is in the balance system which will now better handle the overall empire saturation on each server.

Battle Rank
PlanetSide2 allows you to complete objectives which let you earn experience that increases your character's battle rank. The battle rank allows you to specialize in certain roles and to improve weapons, land, air vehicles and tools.

PlanetSide 2 features 3 factions:
New Conglomerate, Terran Republic and Vanu Sovereignty

There are in total 6 classes:
Light Assault, Heavy Assault, Medic, Engineer, Infiltrator and the MAX - Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit. Every class has 2 specializations. All except MAX have handguns and combat knives and the classes are not tied to your character. You can switch your class at any given time!

Like in PlanetSide 1, there is territory control in an wide open-world that features large battles with up to 2000 players! Skills
The skill principle is similar to EVE and are very important when it comes to killing other players.

Sneak in PlanetSide 2

Why PlanetSide 2 lags for some of its players?

First of all you must understand that the overall percentage of players who experience lag is small and is mostly caused by an individual issue connected with hardware, software, operating system or your ISP.

It must also be said that in most of the scenarios that a player experiences lag, the issues are caused by a poorly maintained or in many cases a totally messed up system, hardware malfunction, infections or just not meeting the system requirements.

Please note that the internet connection speed is part of the System Requirements!

An exception would be lag caused on the game's side which would affect a very high percentage of players. But this kind of lag is usually temporary and can only be fixed by the game developers or game server admins! Sony invests a lot of money in the performance of their servers, working only with professional partners in this area. Game server lag is part of online gaming and there is no game out there what isn't affected at some stage.

A list of common lag, stuttering, flickering, disconnections and login issues in PlanetSide2


Graphic (screen) lag

A stuttering screen can be caused by: high graphics settings in the game that your system cannot handle, old graphic card drivers or low on card RAM, not sufficient system RAM, a slow or overloaded processor, a slow performing operating system or a slow performing low quality internet connection!

PlanetSide 2 Base

Audio lag

Stuttering or no sound can be caused by: a malfunctioning audio card, old drivers or wrongly adjusted game settings!

Mouse lag

In most situations mouse lag is not associated with your actual mouse and is actually more likely to be related to your graphics card or processor!

Performance lag

If PlanetSide 2 overall performs slowly, then it can be a mix of graphics, audio, processor, internet connection quality and speed!

Action lag

If you lag in battles, chat, performing actions in the UI, or while you move or fly then it's most likely that you suffer from high latency. High latency through an internet connection is a mix of system performance and internet connection speed and quality. A high ping can cause the data synchronization to stutter (delay). Especially in PVP where often more complex calculations are processed, the sent and received data packages can be delayed, causing lag.


How to fix PlanetSide 2 lag?


Lag caused by the Game Server

Lag, stuttering, freezing and disconnections caused from the game server cannot be fixed from your END. Check for announcements on the official PlanetSide 2 support or forum!

Lag caused by your ISP

Technical issues, over bandwidth, weak signals, bad lines, old drivers and firmware by provided routers or modems can cause lag in online games! To ensure that the issue is not caused by your ISP, you can make a speed and ping test here....

Lag caused from your end


Meeting the system requirements is a must! Also check your device manager for possible malfunctioning hardware form time to time. If you see any issues, correct them ASAP. Playing around with the settings of your modem or rouer is not recommended unless you are a pro or really know what you are doing. Note that some routers need specific settings for specific games but these are usually one click changes. Many ISPs offer intrusion detection and a firewall. These services might improve your security but may cause many issues, especially when it comes to online gaming. Before changing anything, contact your ISP and let them assist you!


Low system memory, slow processor performance, CPU on 100%, infections, corrupt settings, missing or incorrect registry entries, installed software on your system, auto starts, scheduled processes, firewalls or even virus-scanners can cause trouble for online gamers.

There is a long list of possible causes...

Use Latency Optimizer to provide maintenance for your system, optimize your system memory and troubleshoot your internet connection speed, ping and latency.
Use a correctly configured firewall and make sure that your virus-scanner doesn't take control over everything for the sake of security. Keep in mind that you need to be careful when opening mail and you really don't need to visit every crap website, scan media you get from friends and watch what you download; if you do so, a "normal" virus scanner will do the job!

Another suggestion is to not install hundreds of apps on your gaming computer. Choose wisely and choose only the apps you need.

Internet connection Local internet connection settings, processes, services and protocols can be wrongly configured, corrupted or sometimes not even function at all. Sometimes they just need some tweaks and tuning (download Latency Optimizer), other times there is something deeper going on (infection of applications interfering so on). For instance, in the way your internet connection performance is connected with your system performance and with the overall performance your ISP gives to you.

Use Latency Optimizer to assist you to boost your internet connection speed, lower your ping, reduce high latency and fix lag in PlanetSide 2!

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