Internet Connection Repair Guide

Todays Internet Service Providers offer fast internet connections. In most countries and regions, lines and signals are quite stable. Modems, routers and adapters have increased their functionality and performance and so did PCs and laptops.

So how is it possible that many Internet users still have issues with their up and download speed, ping and latency (also known as lag) or cannot connect to the Internet at all?

Here is a list of the most common issues causing slow or no internet connection and suggestions on how to repair them:

To get detailed info on the single causes of latency and lag please visit our Blog here!

Internet Connection Repair Guide - 36 Problems & Solutions

My ISP is experiencing temporary technical issues Fix: Visit the support website or forum of your ISP. Look for an announcement on technical issues which could cause a slow internet connection. Being up to date with the service status of your ISP can save you many headaches.

Use Twitter to follow or sign up to the RSS feeds of your ISP. While troubleshooting a slow internet connection, sometimes a simple phone call or email to your ISP can save you a lot of time. Usually slow Internet caused by your ISP is just temporary.

My ISP has bandwidth issues in a specific area

Fix: The primary infrastructure with a lot of Internet users can cause the speed of the Internet to slow down. More users in the same area using the Internet at the same time will lower the total available bandwidth your ISP offers to their clients in that same area. This can especially happen during the rush hours where many users are connecting to the Internet at the same time.

When these users are uploading and downloading huge amounts of data, it causes your Internet to slow down. To solve this issue, your ISP would need to invest more in the local infrastructure, which is rarely going to happen if not more than an xxx% of users complain to the ISP.

You can use some Latency Optimizer's tools (download here) or Speedtest4free (download here) to monitor your internet connection and send a report to your ISP which will prove the performance issues that you experience.

Don't be shy to talk to your neighbors or friends and see if they experience the same issues. You can confront your ISP with the situation stating that you are not satisfied with the service you´re paying for and you´re actually getting!

In some cases your ISP will send a technician to your place and that person will measure the line or signal quality and might make some adjustments to provide you with a faster internet connection

My ISP upgrades the infrastructure in a specific area

Fix: Infrastructure upgrades may cause your internet connection to temporarily be slower. But this temporary issue has a good side effect as your internet connection will mostly perform faster after the upgrade is done! You can ask your ISP for ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) to prepare yourself for the time the upgrade takes effect.

There are temporary internet gateway node issues

Fix: Your ISP's datacenters are connected with other datacenters around the world. If for example your ISP is located in the United Kingdom and requests data from India, this data must travel from the United Kingdom to Germany from Germany to Romania and from Romania to Turkey...until the request actually arrives in a datacenter in India.

If one of the datacenters on the way is experiencing connection issues, the requested data would arrive with a delay which would cause your internet connection to perform slowly, this applies for the ping as well. As your ISP cannot influence the issue directly, there is nothing you can do on your end. You need to be patient. Anyway, such gateway node issues are very rare and are usually solved very quickly.

The web service or website you try to use has temporary technical issues

Fix: If you use a web service, internet based service or website which has technical issues, it is usually not caused on your end and does not affect your internet connection. Still, your internet connection might seem to perform slowly.

Try to use another web service, internet based service or open different websites. If others perform as usual, you can be quite sure that the issue is not caused on your end. If you depend on the service or the information needed from the website, you can visit the support section or forum and look for announcements or send an email to the operator, reporting the issue.

The web service or website you try to use has a low port speed

Fix: If a web server is low on port speed you might think that your internet connection is slow, but actually it is not. The port speed of every server may be limited and/or not fast enough for the offered service or website. If too many users are visiting a website or web service at the same time and/or uploading or downloading big files from it, you might think that your internet connection is slow. Just try to visit other web services or websites to be sure that this is caused only by the specific web service or website.

There are limited fixes that can be done from your end. Try to use the web service or visit the website later. If the problem persists you might want to drop an email to the webmaster or to tech support.

The web service or website you use is coded badly

Fix: It actually happens that a web service or website is coded badly. For you the visitor, it might look like your internet connection is slow but actually it is the bad code that causes your browser to load websites slow or causes the web service you use to perform slowly.

Some browsers offer features to ignore code errors or even automatically correct them. If the web service (application) is coded poorly, you can only try to contact the operator of the service and point out the issue.

The web service or website you use has large files to download

Fix: The more complex and bigger the file , the more you need to download to view a website or use a web service. This applies to specific websites and should not affect your general surfing experience.

You can find tools to test the file size and loading time of a website. Just Google them. Usually, webmasters and developers compress websites for a faster download. If a specific website opens slowly, the file size could be the issue and may cause you to think that your internet connection is slow.

The game server temporarily has technical issues

Fix: If a game server you are playing on has current technical issues, it is usually not caused on your end and does not affect your internet connection. Still, your internet connection might seem to perform slowly.

To be sure that the issue is not caused on your end, try to connect to another game server if you have this option or test another game to see if the issue persists. Temporary game server issues do not last long. They should be solved within 1 day or maximum of 3 days. Visit the support website or forum of the game you´re playing for announcements!

The game server has high load

Fix: If too many players are playing at the same time, the game server limit might be reached. The game developer and host usually offer different servers in different locations to avoid overloading. Still, it can happen that a game server gets a high load. For you the player, it might look like you have a slow internet connection, but unfortunately you will not be the only one who experiences the performance loss.

Try to chat with other players on the same server and see if they experience the same issue. Visit the support website or forum of your game and look for announcements. The game developer and host are normally trying to fix such high load issues quickly, but if there is an absence of this the game will perform slowly for couple of days or weeks. But remember that this is not caused on your end and you will be not the only one who experiences this issue!

The game server has gateway issues

Fix: Game servers are usually located in big datacenters and are up-to-date with the newest technology to guarantee fast and quality communication with the end user. If an Internet Gateway Node is temporarily down, the game server's gateways might be down for some other players as well. This depends highly on your location.

Try to talk to other players within the same area as you live. Visit the game's website and see if there are any announcements about this temporary issue! Usually internet gateway node issues are solved very quickly.

My router or modem is misconfigured

Fix: A short interruption of the power supply can cause the Software running on your router or modem to get corrupted which would lead to no or slow Internet. Sometimes you might have just got a tip from a friend or you have found an interesting article on how to tweak a router but the tip or tweak might not work for your router or modem type and finally you did more harm to your internet connection than good.

If you have a backup of your router and modem settings available you can try to load it to solve the issue. If this doesn't help you might want to reset all settings to factory defaults. But before doing this, please be sure that you know what kind of settings your ISP requires to provide you with a fully functional internet connection.

Also, be aware that you will need your username and password to connect to your ISP and in some cases you even will need the username and password for the router or modem as well. Most of the ISP's do provide a FAQ on how to reset a router or modem.

My router or modem has a Hardware issue

Fix: If the control lights of your router or modem are not active, the reset, or on and off switch do not have effect then check the power supply for your router or modem. Try to plug a cd player, radio or something similarly to check that there is electricity.

If there is electricity it is most likely that your router or modem is broken and you cannot connect to the Internet at all. In some cases a smaller Hardware issue can cause your Internet connection to perform slowly. To verify that the slow Internet connection performance is caused by broken hardware, you would need to plug in another router or modem (if available an older model you do not use anymore) and make a fast test.

If the other (older) model works, you might want to contact the vendor you where you bought your current router or modem.

My router or modem needs a firmware update

Fix: Technology changes fast. The software and drivers your router or modem uses might be out of date. As ISPs change their routing protocols, gateways and other internet connections are affected and it is possible that you will need to update your routers or modem's firmware, drivers and other software installed on it.

An old firmware that might not be supported by your ISP or operating system will cause your internet connection to not function at all or slows your internet connection down. You can find firmware updates of the manufacturer's website of your router/modem or at the website of your ISP.

My router or modem doesn't get enough electricity or electricity is unstable

Fix: Detecting this issue is for a non-technical user is relatively hard. If you do not have a tool to measure the voltage, amps and other related details, it will be almost impossible to detect this issue which can cause slow internet connection or won´t allow your internet connection to work at all. One of the things you can do in the process of troubleshooting is to plug your router or modem in another socket (other room or floor).

My router or modem has filters installed

Fix: Some routers or modems have active traffic filters applied in the settings. Filters can be very useful but they can also cause your internet connection to perform slowly. To find out more about filters that might be installed on your modem or router, please read the manual of your router or modem and or check the manufacturer's or ISP's website.

My wire that connects my router or modem with my PC is broken

Fix: A damaged wire can cause your internet connection to perform slowly or not work at all. It is always a good idea to have a backup wire available to troubleshoot this issue. Unplug your current wire from your router/modem and PC or laptop and plug in the backup wire or new wire.

My wire that connects my router or modem with my PC is not plugged in properly

Fix: It might sound trivial, but many times a improperly plugged in wire causes an internet connection to perform slowly or not to work at all. The best method to fix this is to unplug the wire on both ends and plug it in again with care.

The wire which connects my router or modem to my PC is the wrong type

Fix: This issue applies mostly when buying a new router or modem where no wire is included. Please read the manual of your router or modem to find out what types of wires are supported. In general, there exists the following types:

Crossed and Straight cables
Standards Summary
Category 5 (UTP)
10base Straight Cable (PC to HUB/SWITCH)
10baseT Crossed cable (PC to PC or HUB to HUB)
100baseT Straight Cable (PC to HUB/SWITCH)
100baseT Crossed cable (PC to PC or HUB to HUB)
1000base-T Gigabit Ethernet
10Gbase-T 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
RJ45 Connector (Jack/Receptacle)
RJ45 Connections
Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)

My wireless adapter is not properly adjusted to catch the signal

Fix: In order to have a stabile functioning wireless internet connection, your wireless card/adapter needs to be properly adjusted to catch the signal that is being sent from the wireless router or modem. There are certain things every user of a wireless internet connection should take notice of and can do to boost the signal strength of a wireless router or modem: Your wireless router or modem should be placed at a central location of your home (not near outside walls) Do not place your wireless router or modem near metal objects If there is a difference in height (floor up or down), place your wireless router or modem on a higher position. Depending on the position of your wireless router or modem, you can replace the standard antenna that sends the signal in all directions to with High Gain Antenna which will focus on one direction Add a Wireless Repeater to extend the range of the signal You can try to change the wireless channel of your router/modem and adapter if the signal strength is weak.

My wireless network card doesn't have the newest driver

Fix: Old firmware and drivers can cause your internet connection to perform slowly and, in some cases, to not even work at all. Keep your firmware and drivers up-to-date. The newest firmware and drivers can be found at the modem/router or adapter manufacturer's website, the vendor's website or on the website of your ISP.

My wireless network card or adapter has a hardware malfunction

Fix: Ways to find out if there is hardware malfunction with your wireless network card or adapter:

- Your computer might not start at all and you can hear a beeping sound.

- Your network card adapter cannot be found in the wireless router or modem configuration.

- Your wireless card or adapter is shows an error in the device manager of your operating system.

The only way to fix this issue causing your internet connection not to work is to replace the wireless network card or adapter with a new one!

My LAN or Wireless Network is misconfigured

Fix: Misconfigured networks causing a slow internet connection are very common. Incorrect network settings can be caused by wrong user inputs, third-party software, corrupted system files, infections like viruses, Trojans, worms, malware, spyware, root-kits and many more can cause no or a slow internet connection and sometimes even a wrong configured firewall or virus & co-scanner can have some influence on your network settings.

It is a very hard job and a wide range of knowledge about computer networks is required to locate and repair the cause of the issue.

A combination of applications that can assist you to solve misconfigured network settings are: The setup CD of your ISP Microsoft's Network Analyzer Proper Virus, worms, spyware Trojans, malware and root kit scanners Registry cleaner Latency Optimizer 3.0 Connectivity Fixer PRO

My operating system is misconfigured

Fix: Once in a while it happens to all of us who have a misconfigured, corrupted or overloaded operating system, which causes a slow internet connection. In those times when we use computers on a daily basis, most of us forget or are too lazy to clean and service our PCs and laptops.

In order to have your operating system running smoothly, you will need to have the registry, system internals and files in proper order. Junk files, garbage, temp files, misleading registry entries and much much more can harm the performance of your operating system and internet connection!

Use the following tools to periodically maintain your computer:

Disk cleaner (incl. in Latency Optimizer 3.0)
System Cleaner ( incl. in Latency Optimizer 3.0)
Startup Manger ( incl. in Latency Optimizer 3.0)
RAM Optimizer ( incl. in Latency Optimizer 3.0)
Connectivity Fixer PRO
Proper Registry cleaner
Proper Virus & Co scanners

Slow internet connection caused by virus or worm, Trojan, spyware, adware, malware and root kits

Fix: None of us are safe! No matter what kind of virus & co-scanner you use, there is no 100% guarantee that one day your computer will be not infected. Developers of virus & co-scanners are trying their best to help you secure your computer. Still, infections may happen. New viruses, worms, spyware, adware, Trojan and root kits pop up on a daily basis.

There exists a large amount of harmful infections that will slow down your internet connection or cause your internet connection not to work at all. This can happen even after the infection was successfully cured/ cleaned.

It is mandatory for every computer user to have a proper virus & co-scanner installed!

If you successfully cured/cleaned an infection but your internet connection still performs slowly or doesn't work at all: Visit the Support Website of your Virus & Co scanner to get detailed information Try to manually repair your Internet connection Setup a new Internet connection Download Connectivity Fixer or buy Connectivity Fixer PRO

My virus, Trojan, spyware, malware, adware or rootkit scanner causes a slow internet connection

Fix: Virus & co-scanners usually come with a variety of features which help you to secure your computer from harmful infections. As some of these feature scanning activities of applications, files and data in real-time you might lose surfing, work and gaming performance.

Visit the developer or the website of your virus & co-scanner and look for suggestions on how and when to temporarily disable such features if you experience slow Internet.

You can also download Latency Optimizer 3.0 and boost your internet connection!

My Firewall causes a slow Internet connection

Fix: To have a firewall is the same essentially as having a virus & co-scanner installed on your computer. A firewall will monitor all incoming and outgoing connections from your computer.

As this is usually done in real-time, it can happen that your internet connection performs slowly and if the firewall is misconfigured, it is possible that you will not have an internet connection at all. Installing a firewall is mostly done in few minutes- but, to do a proper configuration, it will need some time. We suggest that you take this time and really read the manual of your firewall to avoid misconfigurations and performance loss.

If the situation happens that you are sure that all configurations are done properly but you still cannot connect to the Internet or your Internet becomes suddenly slow, you might want to restore your firewall to the factory default.

Please make a backup before doing this (if available) or write down the settings! Resetting your firewall might make you more vulnerable so, you are advised to configure it as quickly as possible to protect your computer from attacks!

Software installed on my PC causes a slow internet connection

Fix: As long you are not a computer professional, it will be very hard to detect an installed application that will eventually cause a slow internet connection. You can use internet connection monitoring tools or a firewall with built-in monitoring of incoming and outgoing internet connections but still, if the software that causes the slow Internet is not using the connection to communicate with the Internet, this method won't help you much.

There are tons of software products that can manipulate your internet connection settings, registry settings, system internals and processes. It just happens that the settings done from the software you have installed are mandatory for the function but won't be compatible with your individual settings and you need to have a fast performing internet connection.

In that case, Latency Optimizer could assist you in speeding up your internet connection. In some hard cases you would need to detect the installed software causing this issue on your own. If you remember what software products you installed shortly before the issue came up, you would want to uninstall those or use the System Recovery Tool of your operating system.

Too many active applications using the internet in the same time

Fix: If you do not have a turbo fast internet connection, downloading files like music, videos, software and having at the same time a VoIP chat with a friend while your online game is in stand-by and your virus & co-scanner scans and your system real-time while it is also doing automatic updates can definitely causes an internet connection to perform slow! Closing some of the tasks might help to let your internet connection perform faster. You can also speed up and boost your internet connection with Latency Optimizer 3.0

Too many applications running in the background and using the internet connection

You would need to have an internet connection monitoring tool or firewall with the feature to monitor incoming and outgoing connections in order to figure out what applications are using your internet connection. A possible solution to avoid that is in regard to non-security applications that are connecting to the Internet without your knowledge. You can set to update features manually.

You might also want to disallow some applications from connecting to the internet completely which can be done primarily with a firewall (some virus scanners support such features as well). applications running in background can also slow down your entire computer performance; therefore it is wise to check the auto-start folder and schedule of your operating system. You might want to use Latency Optimizer´s integrated Startup Manager for such research as well.

Winsock, DNS or IP is corrupted

Fix: A corrupted Winsock, IP or DNS can cause many issues with your internet connection. The problem with a corrupted Winsock, IP or DNS is that it is very hard to figure out that actually is responsible for your internet connection not working properly. One sign that your Winsock is corrupted is if you cannot open certain webpages in your browser. Connectivity Fixer and Connectivity Fixer PRO can help you repair Winsock and monitor your internet connection for DNS, IP and Winsock issues, in addition to many other internet connection repair functions.

My web browser is misconfigured

Fix: A broken or misconfigured Web browser may make you think that your Internet connection became slow or does not work at all. You will have a few possibilities to troubleshoot this only if your Web browser is corrupted and causes the issue or-it is really your Internet connection. You can make a Speedtest and Ping test with Latency Optimizer as these tests do not need a web browser to be performed.

If you can manage to successfully perform the Speedtest and Ping test, it is very likely that your Internet connection is functioning. If you cannot open Webpages in your browser, but you can for example talk over a VOIP application like Skype or Ventrilo, you might want to repair your Internet Explorer rather than your Internet connection.

Usually most of the known web browsers do offer the function to reset to default which in most cases when performed -will solve the issue.

Hostfile is corrupted

Fix: A corrupted hostfile can be responsible for the problem of when certain webpages or domain names cannot be visited or opened.

If for example, a domain is forbidden an application installed on your computer might not function properly like say when communication with the Internet is needed. Resetting a hostfile can help but also carries a risk because if you have some security application installed on your computer that uses the hostfile to forbid the communication with certain websites or domains known as a security risk.

Slow internet connection caused by slow performing operating system

Fix: The perfect solution to solve a slow internet connection caused by a slow performing operating system is definitely Latency Optimizer 3.0 in combination with proper virus & co scanners and a proper registry cleaner.

To speed up your Internet connection: Download Latency Optimizer to assist you to optimize your Internet connection & PC performance!

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