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Gaming is a very fun hobby and past time but for professionals, it is their life and passion. The world has moved onto online gaming, where players meet up over the net and play against each other in multitudes of games. For the online gaming experience to be ultimate and worth remembering fast internet, connections are very essential.

A fast internet connection helps display all the graphics perfectly, the latency is barely noticeable, the sound and picture should make a perfect duo and the response time of the players move and its practical effect on the gaming software should be minimal. Online gaming experience may turns out to be slow for a variety of reasons.

The Online Game Booster

High latency caused by user PC is a very common one. In that case an internet accelerator & online game booster can help. But honestly, that alone will be not enough, all the system needs to be optimized. Many tools are required to fix high latency issues! An online game booster would do a better job!

Another reason is the overcrowded internet infrastructure. There are many people in a locality using the same connection. This means that there are many people in a particular locality using the same internet's infrastructure. A slow connection results in a high degree of latency since the packets have to wait in line to get through.

There isn't just one connection in the entire infrastructure, there are many connections which mean a greater number of times people have to wait for a response and the game is disturbed. A disturbed game is very frustrating to play with where the entire game pauses or slows down considerably after smoothly running for some time.

Therefore it is very essential for the online gamers to know about some good game booster


A Game Booster like Latency Optimizer 4.0 is also necessary to fight against incorrectly configured network devices and internet connection settings and due to the absence of operating services that will keep check periodically and continuously.

NOTE: Keep in mind that if you, by and chance, play in professional eSport league in any video game platform. Before you download any 3rd party software, make sure that your tournament organisers first allow such inputs. There have been many cases where professional players have been banned from their tournament spons because of random 3rd party programs and scripts used to assist in gameplay. Although we belive Lantecy Optimizer shouldnt be on the list of such programs.

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There are several steps that can be taken to boost games

Like reinventing your PC or by modifying it by adding a bigger hard disk and RAM. Frame rates can be fixed by putting the graphic setting on low. There are a few programs available online that were built for the sole purpose of decreasing the latency in the internet usage experience.

Software like Latency Optimizer help to fix latency and works as Game Booster to provide a better gaming experience. Antivirus software's must also be closed for maximum game boost.

Since they use of the internet connection and the computers' RAM the same time the online game does. All scanning activities should also be brought to a halt since scanning programs will cause a higher degree of disturbance to the online game.

Latency Optimizer is a Software which can be used as Online Game Booster

It has a versatile range of functions to ensure that all necessary steps will be taken. These functions include helping to make the online gaming experience a better one. Latency Optimizer is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Its latency reducing tool can help reduce the lag experienced during the online game and serves as a perfect game booster. It also helps to monitor and allows us the freedom to check for latency via the latency test.

Latency Optimizer 4.0 can assist you to boost online games and fix lag!

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