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Download GAME BOOSTER - Latency Optimizer for free. Test and analyze PC performance, internet connection speed, ping and latency. Apply tweaks and tunes to let your games run faster & smoother.


Game Booster

Speed up your online and offline games if your run into performance troubles with your PC or Laptop. Today we will show you how you can use Latency Optimizer as the perfect Game Booster. You will be able to record your game play and receive a detailed report about your RAM, CPU, operating system´s processes and services, internet connection speed, ping and your computers latency. The Game Booster allows you to set CPU priorities, boost RAM, tweak and tune your Windows settings to achieve better performance. If you ever suffered from stuttering graphics lag, mouse lag, high latency, FPS drop or unstable ping but you are sure that your Hardware isn´t the cause and your internet connection provided by your ISP is proper and game servers are stable but your games still perform poor, then downloading the Game Booster is your choice!


How to use the Game Booster?



Whats new in the 4.0 version of the Game Booster?



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