Why online games do lag sometimes? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 14.07.2019   11:00

For all pro online gamers, a good internet connection is an ultimate necessity. Without a good internet connection, it is most likely that the online gaming experience would be much more bothersome than exciting. Game lag is described by the delay in the commanding of the player and the action performed on the command. Online game lag exists due to increased time between the packets of data sent to the server, processed and received again.

Online game lag is primarily due to very slow speeds when it comes to the processing power of the server and or user

What is online game lag and how to fix it? Online -games lag due to a variety of reasons. Low internet connection power, game server and ISP issues are not always the primary cause. Most online gamers do not know that a high percentage of game lag is caused by their PC and not by the ISP or game server!

When it comes to cable net or Wi-Fi sharing

The primary infrastructure with a lot of internet users can cause the speed of the internet to slow down to a trickle and cause online game lag. Online game lag is also caused by various other internet programs running on the net simultaneously.

Heavy use that includes online streaming videos and music and other internet applications must be put to a stop during the online game. Web activities should be limited to simple internet surfing and emailing or chatting.

Online gaming is not easy on your computers processor and internet connection

There is so much going on in the midst of the game. Coupled with sound effects and multiple screen actions all linked to a remote server that is accessed for information by the computers processor and has to act upon the received information, game lag can also be caused due to some sort of hardware problem in the client's computer system or the remote server controlling the data processing.

If the problems you are facing with arent really easy to handle, try a couple of these options described in our previous article here. Keep in mind that minium suggest bandwidth for online gaming is roughly 1Mgps for upload speed, depending on server tick. The Upload Speed required vary from Each Game. Video Games with 64 Tick Servers require a minimum of 512Kbps to play smoothly, 128Tick Servers require 2Mbps.

Some online games where Latency Optimizer can assist you to fix lag...
Black Ops 2 Multiplayer screen

In order to fix lag during online gaming, several steps can be undertaken

     • During the running duration of the online game, all other applications and software must be closed. This will ensure maximum running and processing power of the computer reserved for online games. Restricting the use of internet during the online game can also help reduce game lag.

     • All other downloads must be stopped, especially downloading heavy media content like videos and VOIP services or downloading streaming shows or any other form of downloads. This will ensure maximum attention of the client's processor and delivery of packages from the server being directed towards the game.

     • You can download Internet Accelerator Latency Optimizer 4.0 and use it as an internet speed accelerator to speed up your online game and fix game lag. Latency Optimizer is the perfect Online Game Booster!

Tweaking your router

With the help of Google search or with the help of an easier way; using the routers manual, can also help increase the internet speed thus resulting in a greater gaming experience. In order to fix lag, the router's ports must be opened for maximum results. A cable would always be a better option to play games with online than Wi-Fi. Cable net is faster and a lot of times much more reliable than Wi-Fi.

It is mandatory to regularly check your system for viruses, malware, spyware and adware

Infections can harm your system and internet connection badly. Registry entries, protocols and processes can be manipulated and even after the infection gets cured, the manipulated registry entries, protocols and processes will stay the same. Because of those reasons, many users experience game lag after their system was infected. The list to mention all reasons that may cause game lag could be long. It is very important to keep your system "clean" and we recommend using virus & co-scanners regularly!

The fact is that game lag caused by user's PCs (not by game servers or ISPs) can be fixed, reduced and tested (integrated latency test) with the help of Latency Optimizer 4.0. It has the necessary tools required for latency fixing.

Latency Optimizer 4.0 can assist you to speed up online games and fix lag!

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