Game Server Lag - How To Fix It (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 01.08.2019   15:00

Game server lag can cause high latency, unstable ping and FPS drops in "ALL" online based games. Are there solutions to fix game server lag? That you can do if your game is affected by game server lag...


Game Server Lag Fix Solutions


If you are playing or ever played an online based game, you for sure know and “hate” the moments when your game starts to lag. One of such lag cause can be high latency of the game server, besides a poor performing internet connection provided by your ISP or slow performing Computer. If you experience game server lag you will wonder what you can do at your end to fix the lag!

How Does A Game Server Function?


Basically your Computer with installed game client is connected to the game server over your ISP. The game server itself is connected over his ISP to your Computers game client. Both sites sending and receiving data packages over the internet. If a game server suffers from high  latency there is a delay in sending and receiving data packages and this causes game lag.




What You Can Do By Game Server Lag


There are many services out there claiming to increase your internet connections performance and ping to a game server. If we think over the game server function it is clear that if the game server lags there is nothing that can be possible done from player or service side to fix that lag. Only the game server administrators and game server ISP can fix this problem.

If the lag is caused at your end, your Computer or your ISP, then the data packages are sent with a delay to the game server and back. Actually this could be not called “game server” lag at first view. As the game server is not suffering form high latency by itslef.

Yet there are situations where a game server might kick your lagging data sending and receiving requests and might also disconnect you from the game.

1. If there is “real” game server lag check the game website for announcements.
2. Talk to your in-game mates if they experience lag as well. So you are sure its not just YOU.
3. Game server lag is mainly temporary. Just wait it out till its fixed from the admins or server ISP.
4. Ensure that the lag you experience is NOT caused at your end! You can download Latency Optimizer to assist you with this task perfectly.

Lag Fix Software

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