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The worst moment for an online gamer is undoubtedly when the game starts to lag! Lag can be caused by many reasons, including game server lag, bad lines, weak signals, bad internet gateway and nodes, slow performing operating system, wrong internet connection settings, infections, hardware issues, drivers, firmware, and so on.

What a game tunnel or proxy mainly does is to avoid lag by using different internet gateways or nodes.
Tunnel services and game proxies can have an influence on some of the various possible lag reasons caused by latency issues!

How does the tunnel for an online game function?

Simplified: A online game tunnel transfers your sent and received data packages through different internet gateway and/or nodes, just as your ISP might use, that can (under special circumstances) help to get lower ping values, under the condition that your internet connection is stable and fast from the start and the tunnel services use better/faster gateways and nodes than your ISP might do.

If your ISP provides you with weak signals or bad lines a tunnel service will most likely not work for you, as the moment you start the tunnel service you are connected to your ISP´s line. It is also questionable how the data packages come back from the game server via the tunnel, as again your ISP is involved from the start!

If your online game suffers from lag caused at your end, the game server or weak lines and bad signals from your ISP's tunnel service is not going to help you - keep this in mind! Tunnel services are limited to traffic shaping only!

Your starting and returning connection is allays used from your ISP as long as the tunnel provider does not offer you an old/new internet connection, what would mean he acts like an Internet Service Provider.


icon -  ping issues 1. Normal ping: 3 ms > 15 ms - no package loss
icon -  ping issues 2. Slightly increase ping: 15 ms > 100 ms - no package loss
icon -  ping issues 3. Increased ping: 100 ms > 350 ms - no package loss
icon -  ping issues 4. High ping: 350 ms > 1k ms - possible package loss


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You can visit the following companies that provide tunnel services to read more about their products:

Tunnel Service - WTFAST can be found here
Tunnel Service - BATTLEPING can be found here
Tunnel Service - SMOOTHPING: can be found here

example high ping

How does the game proxy function?

The game proxy basically works same as a tunnel service. The difference is that the game proxies are usually simple performance proxies with no additional algorithm or features. You need to understand that performance proxies must be installed at BOTH ends - on game proxy provider's servers and on the game servers to achieve the best results.

You are strongly advised to ask the game proxy provider about the technique he uses! There are a range of different types of PEPs. Each is used to solve a link related problem. Some common types include: Split-TCP Ack Decimation Snoop D-Proxy

Wikipedia explains Performance Enhancing Proxy as followed:

"PEPs can be either integrated or distributed. Integrated PEP will run on a single box, while a distributed PEP will require to be installed on both sides of the link that cause the performance degradation. This is quite common in commercial PEP devices, which act as a black box, using more or less open protocols to communicate between them in the place of TCP."

There are many game proxies out there that solely offer proxy technology! A simple proxy is just a bridge between your ISP and the Game Server.

Same as by the tunnel service also the game proxy depends on a stable and fast performing Internet connection in order to function. The simple proxy technology can theoretically be influenced by your ISP's gateway and node issues.

You can visit the following companies that provide a game proxy service to read more about the product:

Game Proxy - PINGBETTER can be found here


What to do if you think your ISP has gateway or node issues:

Before signing up with a tunnel or game proxy service you should allays contact your ISP first and ask for advice.

Latency or ping issues what can be solved via tunnel service or game proxy can be usually solved via your ISP as well.

In any case your ISP is responsible for the gateways and nodes used. If your ISP has gateway or node issues they are obligated to solve it or you will need to sign up with a different ISP!

Note that in some areas of the world, ISP´s might have general gateway and nodes issues because of the distance and existing infrastructure. It is questionable how a tunnel service or game proxy can help when the latency issues is caused at a node. The tunnel service or game proxy again would need to use a different node than your ISP, but that is in most of the cases not possible, so again you will depend on your ISP on first place!

Conclusion about the function of tunnel and game proxies

- Tunnel Services and Game Proxies can have an influence on latency issues caused at internet gateways and nodes!

- Tunnel services and game proxies cannot influence on lag issues caused at YOUR END, ISP´s end (except gateway and nodes issues), or the game server's end!

Your ISP should be the first instance to be contacted by Internet gateway and/ or nodes issues. Signing up for an paid extra service like a tunnel or game proxy is only recommended if your ISP has no possibilities to fix gateway or nodes issues and the tunnel or game proxy uses different gateways and nodes to the ones your ISP does!

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