Which online game, mmorpg, mmofps lag the most?

Take a look at the Game Lag Meter & Game Latency Statistics we have made based on data from our polls, surveys, website visitor statistics and users of our software products.

We are currently analyzing reported lag and latency issues of the following MMORPG, MMOFPS and MMOS games:

Aion, Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Battlefield 3, World of Warcraft, The Secret World, Call of Duty, Counterstrike, Rift, Runes of Magic, League of Legends, Medal of Honor, Lord of the Rings Online, Minecraft, World of Tanks, Warhammer, Team Fortress 2, Lineage 2, Age of Conan, EVE Online, Battle of the Immortals

What does the Game Lag Meter and Latency statistics mean?

As this is our first attempt to bring together all collected data about game lag and latency issues, some parameters are still not appropriately included! Shortly, we can say that from all the analyzed game data, only 10% in total are lag and latency issues that are caused from various game servers.

Also, we still didn't figure out how to correctly calculate the popularity of a game compared with the lag and latency issues data. In this moment, more popular games have high lag and latency values. We will continue to work hard on all data and update the Lag Meter and Latency Statistics over time. So don't forget to check back!


What does the scores 1 - 10 mean?

The Lag Meter and Latency Statistics scores indicate how much lag and high latency troubles players have in the game. 10 is the highest amount and means that there are many reported lag and latency issues and 1 would mean there are almost no reported lag and latency issues!

How to avoid game lag and high latency issues in games?

As many of you already know, lag, high latency and high ping can be caused from different sources. Game servers, Internet Service Providers, hardware and software issues and settings, processes, protocols, registry settings and internet connection settings of the operating system.

In order to fix game lag and latency issues, you will first need to troubleshoot the cause(s). There is no professional and working solution available until you know what causes the lag, high latency or high ping in a game!

We already posted suggestions to troubleshoot, fix lag and reduce latency issues of some of the games mentioned in our Lag Meter and Latency Statistics.

Check out your recomended posts at the end of the article! LAG METER

Aion Button Aion
offical site
Aion lag percentage 5.3
Guild Wars 2
offical site
Guild Wars 2 lag meter 8.7*
Diablo 3 Button Diablo 3
offical site
BF3 Button Battlefield 3
offical site
Battlefield 3 lag meter 8.1
WOW Button World of Warcraft
offical site
WOW lag meter 8.0*
TSW Button The Secret World
offical site
The Secret World lag meter 7.2
COD Button Call of Duty
offical site
COD lag meter 7.5
Counterstrike button Counterstrike
offical site
Counterstrike lag meter 7.5
Rift Button Rift
offical site
Rift lag meter 7.7
ROM Button Runes of Magic
offical site
Runes of Magic lag meter 6.2
LOL Button League of Legends
offical site
League of Legens lag meter 7.2
MOH Button Medal of Honor
offical site
MOH lag meter 5.8
LOTRO Button Lord of the Rings Online
offical site
Lord of the Rings Online lag meter 6.2
Minecraft Button Minecraft
offical site
Minecraft lag meter 8.4
WOT Button World of Tanks
offical site
World of Tanks lag meter 6.8
Warhammer Button Warhammer
offical site
Warhammer lag meter 5.8
TF2 Button Team Fortress 2
offical site
Team Fortress 2 lag meter 7.2
Lineage 2 Button Lineage 2
offical site
Lineage 2 lag meter 5.6
AOC Button Age of Conan
offical site
Age of Conan lag meter 7.4
Eve Button EVE Online
offical site
EVE Online lag meter 6.2
BOTI Button Battle of the Immortals
offical site
Battle of the Immortals lag meter 6.3

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