How to fix Combat Arms lag, high latency and ping problems? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 1.08.2019   11:00

Lag, high latency or a high ping in Combat Arms takes out all the fun of the successful online shooter game! In most of the cases, when players of Combat Arms get affected by the LAG PLAQUE, it results in losing battles and the frustration level grows to the sky. Some players might ask, why is there lag in Combat Arms and how to fix lag, reduce high latency or optimize the ping for a better and smoother game play?

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Troubleshoot lag in Combat Arms, high latency and ping issues?


Lag is actually a short term and is used mostly by online gamers. Lag can be caused by high latency and latency is the time that a data package needs to be delivered or sent (internet connection) and/or the time an action or process needs to be activated or processed (hardware/software).

It might not always be the Combat Arms' game server that causes lag; there are quite a number of other reasons that could cause lag issues in Combat Arms.

Lag can be caused by malfunctioning hardware, not meeting the hardware requirements, slow operating system, laggy internet connection, slow internet connection, wrong or misconfigured system, registry, internet connection settings, protocols and processes. Old drivers and firmware can cause lag as well, beside various malware infections!

In order to troubleshoot the possible reasons for Combat Arms lag, you would need to check your hardware, scan for possible infections, look deeper into your operating system and related settings, processes and protocols. Note that one of the major reasons why an online game like Combat Arms can lag for some if its players is YOUR internet connection!

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High ping in Combat Arms

If your ping is high while contacting the Combat Arms game server, than data packages have a delay or get lost while sending and receiving! It can be compared with a bad and noisy telephone line. Remember talking to a friend overseas and you had those annoying noises? You almost couldn't hear him. The same applies when contacting a game server via your internet connection! The only solution to get over the problem of a high ping is to lower your ping in Combat Arms.

But unfortunately it isn't that easy to lower the ping! Why?

A high ping can be caused from:

Combat Arms 3 lag issues icon The Combat Arms game server
Combat Arms 3 lag issues icon Your Internet Service Provider
Combat Arms 3 lag issues icon Your computer & internet connection

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Combat Arms lag issues - game server latency, hardware, system and your internet connection increasing your ping!

Let's start with the hard part! Before taking any actions to fix Combat Arms lag, reduce high latency or optimize your ping, you will need to find out what actually causes the lag you experience in Combat Arms.

As already mentioned, lag can be caused at 3 ENDS:

a.) The Game End (including game server and in-game mechanics).
b.) The ISP END (bad line or weak signal of your Internet Service Provider)
c.) Your END (Hardware, software (driver, apps, firmware, infections), operating system, internet connection and related settings)

Combat Arms lag info icon Ad a.) Look for announcements on the support section or forum of Combat Arms if there is any maintenance or technical issues! If the lag is caused on the game's end, there is nothing you can do from your side to fix it!
Combat Arms lag info icon Ad b.) Download Speedtest4free from our website and run a speed test & ping test at least 3 times at different times a day over a period of a minimum of 3 days. Save and compare all speed and ping test results. If you see any abnormalities with your internet connection speed and ping, you are advised to contact your ISP for assistance.
Combat Arms lag info icon Ad c.) Download Latency Optimizer, check out the demo and buy the full version which will assist you with fixing lag, reducing high latency and optimizing your ping! Ensure that your hardware is working properly and that your computer meets the system requirements. Also, regularly check if your computer might be infected by viruses (use at least 2 different kinds of scanners)!

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