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Topic of this article: “Graphics Lag

The meaning of graphics lag

The term “graphics lag” is commonly used by gamer if:

1.) Graphics effects are lagging.
1.1 Character movement lag
1.2 Fight / Battle lag
1.3 Character action lag
1.4 Game world lag
1.5 Items, mounts, weapons effects or actions lagging
1.6 Any visual in-game action or happening
1.7 ...

Other terms used or connected to graphics lag: Graphics lags, Graphics lagging, Graphics are laggy, low graphics, high graphics, graphic spikes, stuttering graphics, low FPS, high FPS, FPS lag

Why graphics lag happens?

a.) Hardware issues of the graphics card
b.) Temperature issue on the motherboard, processor or graphics card
c.) Not enough RAM or virtual memory
d.) Slow, weak or bad internet line /signal
e) Game server lag
f.) Graphics card is not supported
g.) Virus or malware infection
h.) Too many running apps or processes that consume RAM and/or CPU power
i.) Wrongly configured graphics card settings
j.) To high or wrong graphics/video game settings
k.) Old or wrong graphics card driver
l.) RAM, PUS or CPU issues

How to fix graphics lag?

Solution A
- Restart the game and/or restart the computer or laptop and check if the lag is gone.

Solution B

- Adjust the in-game graphics/ video settings accordingly. Try to apply the lowest settings possible and see if the issues still persists. Slightly increase the settings until lag starts again.

Solution C
- Check if graphics lag happens in another game as well. If the lag only happens in a specif game it might be connected with the game settings or system requirements.

Solution D
- Change the settings of your graphics card to “best performance” and/or low quality.

Solution E
- Update to the newest graphics card driver or roll-back to the previous version if the lag starts shortly after a new update was installed.

Solution F
- Run virus- and malware scanners to check if your system is infected. Viruses and malware can cause your physical RAM or CPU and virtual memory to be at 99% usage this can cause graphics lag.

Solution G

- Check if the PSU provides the necessary voltage for your physically RAM. Google for apps that can assist you with this tasks.

Solution H

- Try to overclock your graphics card if this solution is supported by your card and/or BIOS. Be aware that you need to have basic knowledge about overclocking. Warning: There is always the possibility to damage your graphics card and/or motherboard permanently.

Solution I
-Check the usage of CPU and RAM in the task manager. If you notice “high usage” you will need to troubleshoot CPU and RAM. Visit the CPU lag and RAM lag section of this wiki.

Solution J
- Game server lag and/or a weak signal or bad internet line can cause graphics lag by online games as well. Check the game website for any clues about server lag and troubleshoot your internet connection. You will find troubleshooting tips in the knowledge-base of this website.

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