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Years back, during the early times of World of Warcraft, lag was a daily issue for all of us. We didn't take much attention of it. Of course, it was painful and of course, none liked it. But, we learned to live with it. I remember 40m raids that sometimes needed 3 hours to get started, simply waiting to get all people lag free.

Litchking 25HC was beating us over and over because there were disconnections and LAG. But, we managed to bring him down after many hours of trying! The reward was incredible, and we were the only guild on our server that succeeded!

What i did to reduce high latency in WoW and fix lag!

Times have changed, and most of the LAG (or high Latency) issues got solved by better game servers such as Blizzard, due to better coding of their developers and much more reliable ISPs.

Still, there was and always will be many people outside in the World of Warcraft who experience these strange energies that are letting them fail in hunting down monsters, defeating bosses in dungeons and fighting the Horde/Alliance in PVP. Lag (high Latency) is a fun killer.

Players are forced to leave their guild, groups getting disbanded, battlegrounds are lost and arena fights cause friends to quarrel! As posted in a previous thread, I encountered hard times with lag when WOTLK came out.

I couldn't play WoW over a period of 14 days. I could log in, but I did disconnected more often than I would need, to shoot my deadly arrows on Emalon the Storm Watcher to bring him down.

I decided to do something against the WoW lag:

I did the basics, in the hope of getting the problem solved.
(Later I found out that 80% of this I didn't have to do at all).

» I did reset my router to factory defaults (I did a backup of my settings before)
» I searched the newest firmware for my router.
» I bought a new network cable.
» I uninstalled WoW and installed it again.
» I uninstalled all apps and programs that weren't really necessary on my PC.

» I closed my virus scanner before I started WoW (I wasn't surfing or downloading in that time)
After doing all this, I was hoping when the WoW screen was loading that all would be fine. I prayed to make it short: I took somewhere between 2 to 7 minutes before my latency went on over 800 ms. Not playable, at least not for raids, dungeons and PvP.

What I noticed was that I didn't have any more dc´s, at least not more than 2 on this day.

But, there was still lag.

WOW Dragon screenshot

I called my ISP (Internet Service Provider) and asked for help. They helped me to do some port-forwarding, which was actually useless. I was without hope! I didn't try to log in to WoW for more than 5 days. And, if a friend of mine didn't ask me to send him some materials (that was even working with 800 ms) I probably wouldn't have logged in to WoW ever again. (I started to play Gothic in these 5 days). The best thing was the lag was gone! I had latency from around 180ms. That was acceptable for me.

My conclusion was that something wasn't ok with my PC, and the main issue was probably the game server of Blizzard, or my ISP had issues which they never told me about. I posted on the WoW forum and discovered that I wasn't the only one experiencing that issue during that period. I didn't even try to contact my ISP, and was happy that I could again play without lag, till to the end of summer this year.

• What happened? I got spikes. But not the one you use to climb on a mountain! No, spike lags! My latency was somewhere between 300ms and 900ms when I was writing here that I had many disconnects in WOTLK that was nothing compared to this time.

What I did to reduce high latency in WoW:

» Asked my guilders how there gameplay was (None had problems. Well, there are always some who lag a bit but nothing tragically). » Checked the Blizzard forum to see if any issues or maintenances were announced (All was fine). » I sent an email to Blizzard support about my problem (They couldn't really help me). » I called my ISP (They sent a guy to check my line, but he couldn't find an issue. He told me that my OS or Hardware probably had issues). More research was needed! I was surfing, for I don't know how many hours or days, and was absorbing all kinds of information on how to reduce lag.

I found out that I had 3 options to solve my WoW lag:

1. To call my ISP and complain about my line (I did that).
2. Send an email to Blizzard or post on the Forum (I did that).
3. Investigate my OS & PC.

My Hardware was fine. To check that was very easy, as actually only World of Warcraft client had problems.


I was surfing for lag fix solutions and found these 3:

» Latrix (
Worth a try, but didn't really work out for me).

» TCP optimizer (This app actually did something good. I noticed it when surfing and downloading, but it didn't solve my WoW problem).

» Lower my ping. (If someone has experience with it please post and I will add it) I saw some posts around on forums that some people swear by these 2 apps. For me, it didn't work. Maybe I was just the exception. Who knows. I was also thinking of lowering my ping (But, I decided not to). I tried to follow some advice I found in tech forums, and started to play with my registry. One of the tweaks which I found promising was disabling the Nagles algorithm. I think after I tried this, it went even worse. I would not recommend doing that!

Here is the list of apps and steps that finally helped me to fix my spike lags in WoW:

» I was downloading Latency Optimizer 4.0 free (This app is huge, includes many tools).*
» I switched to Avast antivirus scanner and found suspicious files (I had another before).
» I switched to Comodo Firewall to control my ports better (I had another before).
» I installed Malware bites (I got rid of spyware and malware).
» I installed Sophos Root kit scanner (I found some hidden files. Root kits are bad!)
» I used HijackThis, and got rid of BHOs.
» I was downloading CCleaner, and cleaned my registry.
» I used EmsiSoft against Trojans (I didn't found any).

• All these apps have free versions!
(Some have limitations in the free version) When I was first using Latency Optimizer 4.0 I got a little confused. There are various tools included but like always, the real good ones are in the paid version only. Still it must be said that this app is by far the best I found by my researches. I cannot 100% say what actually solved my spike lags, because I really did a lot of things. But, it was probably the combination which did the job! Well, I dinged 85 with 3 of my chars and I'm happy. I hope that this guide can help some people solve their lag problems! Note from Badosoft: If you would like to get a free version of Latency Optimizer 4.0 you can send us an article about your lag experience with min 500 words. If the article will be published by Badosoft you will receive a FREE FULL version of Latency Optimizer 4.0

*This is a guest post submitted to Badosoft from Howard v.D. You can contact the author via
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