How to optimize or lower high latency? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 11.07.2019   14:00

Internet latency is the delay that is caused during various internet actions that are performed. This delay depends upon the processing speed of the client's computer and the processing speed of the internet server that is used.

So it follows that a network connection with a high latency is a poorer internet connection with respect to the one with lower latency. High latency (lag) is also caused by the extreme usage of a particular infrastructure.

High latency results in choking in the bandwidth connection. The bandwidth for a certain internet usage is fixed. High latency due to a humungous amount of data packets results in blockade in the bandwidth and thus delays result as a consequence.

High Latency

This type of high latency can either be for a few seconds; temporary high latency (LAG SPIKES) or it can be for a longer period of time. The type of latency depends upon the source of latency. There are many situations where high latency is caused by user PCs. Game or application server in general do not like user with lag issues and penalize them.

Information from the computers is sent in the from of data packages and can be optimized

This information is then carried along the transmission lines to the server through various connections. The problem comes to light due to the single connections that are ambushed by a large variety of data packets.

The data packets are made to wait in line since one internet packet can be pushed forward towards the server at a time. This process of waiting in line is what causes the delay. The delay time is increased due to the same amount of hassle on the return journey of the internet packet.

Latency is also a consequence of low processing power of the hardware in the client's computer or some sort of malfunction in the server.

High latency is what can make internet use so frustrating!

It takes too long for the websites to open, too long to reach the desired destination, too long to acquire the desired information even through simple browsing. High latency is also caused by heavy content download.

If the users are using the same infrastructure for a multitude of downloads then due to high latency, the downloads will take an abnormally long time to complete. High latency also exists in satellite internet service. This is because of the long distance the signal has to travel all the way to the satellite and back to the client. Once it is back it has to pass through many servers and proxy to finally hit the spot and open the correct web page.

In order to optimize latency, it is essential to restrict the downloading in the background. It is also a good step to delete or de-activate those applications that continuously use internet such as Microsoft Update. Or these applications can be configured to ask for permission before using the internet. There are very little applications available nowadays to help reduce latency.

One such Software is Latency Optimizer

This software as the name suggests helps to optimize latency. It does that with the help of its various tools. It also possesses the ability of keeping check on the internet connection to detect high latency and to take the necessary and prompt action that is required to be taken to provide the user with maximum internet experience!

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