How to lower latency in Networks & Internet

  • 2011.11.18 16:06
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In wireless network connection, latency is regarded as the delay caused between the information and signal that originates at the transmitting end and which is also received at another end. Latency is the combination of the time which is needed for sending across a considerable distance (usually equal to lights speed) and processing time that is required at every end. High Latency is referred to the long delay caused in this process while low latency, on the other hand, is the shorter delay. This kind of latency is caused due to several factors like the long distance satellite or the transcontinental links.

Network Latency

Various types of digital connections ( Networks)

add various quantities of latency with compression, encoding and process at the ends, which sometimes points in between. Additional latency also is added if the connection spans multiple networks. Latency is a key factor that affects perceived speed of data connection and is entirely different from throughput or bandwidth. A lot of confusion is noticed between the latencies, especially if the internet accelerator renders high latency and bandwidth of the network or connection. Bandwidth just defines speed of networks connection. However, latency defines those delays that are incorporated in the network. Latencies concerned with a network are of two categories called high latency and low latency.    

Data packets are delayed in large numbers

in networks having high latency, while the situation is totally opposite in case of low latency. Latency thoroughly depends on the routing protocol that is followed in general by the ISP. High latency or improved latency can be achieved by changing the routing protocols, and doing so is possible by the ISP. However, in many cases, the ISP may not induce latency of any kind and such situations result in improper configuration of the users network and Operating System. One of the common causes behind high latency can be attributed to the existing firewalls that block various ports, various infections, 3rd party software, wrong user inputs and more. In all these cases registry entries might been manipulate, System processes and network settings corrupted.    

The PC can more effectively communicate with an Internet accelerator like Latency Optimizer

or the server through the ports. However, in situations where the ports remain closed by firewalls, the packets find it extremely difficult to safely reach their destination, leading to a situation of high latency. In cases like this, improved latencies can be obtained by opting for port forwarding. Thus, latency is described as the delay between the signal that has originated and the one that is received.
One must understand that high latency is thoroughly influenced by the internet connection and an Internet accelerator like Latency Optimizer (download here), which maintains the network.

The process has in fact revolutionized the way communication takes place along with other means of operation and interaction, which is provided to consumers through different means. It has also equally enabled a long network along with distant communication that makes it an ideal way of using online services all over the globe.

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