High Ping In Valorant - What Can You Do?

In this post, we will talk about high ping in Valorant, a FPS game released by Riot Games, the makers of the famous League of Legends. You will learn what can cause high ping in Valorant and other games, and how you can fix the lag issues.

What Causes High Ping In Valorant?

Valorant is no different than any other game and is not immune to high ping and internet issues.
But, because this game is still new, you can experience a bit more lag in its early days, until Riot figures things out.
Considering their massive experience with League of Legends, you can expect Valorant to work fine, most of the time.

So, what causes high ping Valorant? Read on to find out.

External Reasons

In this group, we will put both issues on the Riot's end, as well as problems with your ISP.
So, if you experience high ping, it is worth doing a speed test to make sure your Internet is fine.
Also, if you notice on chat that other players are complaining too, it might be due to Riot servers.
If that is the case, the best solution is to wait for them to fix the issue for you, as there's not much you can do.

Issues On Your End

If everything is OK with your Internet, and if Riot servers are online and working without issues, then the problem is on your end.

There are several things on your PC that can cause high ping: misconfigured internet settings, insufficient hardware, too many open apps that are draining away resources, or malware.

One of the most common issues is having too many open processes running in the background with, or more commonly, without your knowledge.
These apps do nothing but drain your CPU power and take up memory, while simultaneously consuming bandwidth.

All of these factors contribute to high ping, and your game becomes unplayable.

So, to fix Valorant ping, you need to tackle those numerous background processes.
However, this is easier said than done, as many of those processes are hidden and very hard to find, making the whole operation much harder.

The Solution For Valorant High Ping?

Latency Optimizer is a great solution to fix game lag, Valorant high ping included.
This powerful app has everything you need to set up internet settings just right, as well as clean up any unnecessary apps from the background.

Latency Optimizer gives you tools to test your Internet, and fine-tune it for best performance.
You will also have tools to help you clean and optimize your PC.

Lastly, the app has a powerful boost option that will free up resources before you enter the game, making sure it has the full power of your gaming machine at its disposal.


Valorant is a great FPS, and Riot really made a brave move by diving into the unknown territory.
Sure, lag and high ping annoy players right now, but we are sure Riot Games will fix the issues.
Until they do, you have Latency Optimizer to fix your lag issues, so you don't have to worry about Valorant high ping again.

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