High Latency in Diablo 3 fixed? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 15.07.2019   17:00

Blizzard released a new promising update - patch for Diablo 3 in the USA to ensure better game play! The update fixes high latency causing search results in the auction house. Speed improvements have been made for the downloader beside in game characters, game play adjustments and bug fixes.

If you play Diablo 3 on EU servers or Asia servers you will need to wait till the update/patch will be available. Blizzard didn't specify any time when players on the EU / Asia servers can expect the update / patch.

Reduce high latency in Diablo III

Reading trough the patch notes doesn't show any major fixes for all the players experiencing Diablo 3 latency issues.

We are presuming that Blizzard still collects data about high latency issues in Diablo 3 and the game developers and game server admins are working all really hard to provide working solutions. Still, many issues causing high latency in Diablo 3 can be only solved by your ISP or by YOUR computer.

To fix high latency in Diablo 3 caused by your ISP and/or by YOUR computer read how to fix a slow performing internet connection here and how to reduce high latency in online games here. You can download Latency Optimizer 4.0 and Speedtest4free to assist you with reducing high latency in Diablo 3 or any other game that requires an internet connection to play.

     • Your computer doesn't meet the system requirements. (Some laptops have issues even if the systems requirements are met. High latency caused by hardware mainly refers to graphics cards, audio cards, CPU and RAM)

     • Your internet connection isn't stable or fast enough and causes high latency in Diablo 3. These issues are mainly caused by the Internet Service Provider or you didn't (couldn't) sign up for a fast enough internet connection.

     • High latency in Diablo 3 caused by YOUR operating system settings, internet connection settings, protocols, processes, registry settings and so on...

     • High latency caused by Diablo 3's game servers (mainly due to high load) and in-game mechanics.

For all further steps that needs to be undertaken to have YOUR END under control you can download Latency Optimizer 4.0. Make sure to visit our forum for more related topics on how to reduce or get rid of annoying high ping!


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