How to fix lag, ping and latency issues in Medal of Honor Warfighter?

Electronic Arts Inc. recently rolled out a new update for Medal of Honor Warfighter! As there is a moderate amount of players out there experiencing lag caused by latency issues and ping problems the improvement of the VoIP is mostly appreciated! Of course, some of the laggers are still looking for solutions to solve their issues besides the VoIP service, especially when it comes to multiplayer.

As with any other MMOFPS, lag is mostly caused by high latency. As your ping increases, situations in which you can lag do as well.

What you need to know about Medal of Honor lag!

Most of you surely play Medal of Honor because of its multiplayer feature. The current six multiplayer maps provided in Warfighter guarantee battles and missions filled with adrenaline. No matter if you play the Basilan Aftermath, Tungawan Jungle, Somalia Stronghold, Hara Dunes Yemen, Sarajevo Stadium or Shogare Valley, when MOH starts to lag for you or some of your party members the frustration skyrockets.

The hardest part when it comes to fixing lag, reducing latency and lowering ping in MOH is when you need to track down the causes. This is surely not an easy part! You can use Latency Optimizer in combination with virus-scanners and hardware/software analytic tools available on the web to troubleshoot most common latency and ping issues. But keep in mind that there are tons and tons of possible causes for which you are on your own (Example: malfunctioning graphic card)!


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What can cause Medal of Honor & Warfighter Multiplayer lag?

As you can find detailed info on lag, latency and ping issues on our website we will give you just a short overview on what can cause them:

- Not meeting the system requirements
- Hardware failures
- Slow performing operating system
- Slow performing internet connection
- Old drivers, firmware
- Security apps blocking essential processes/ communication with the game server
- Viruses, Trojans, adware, spyware, worms or other malware infections
- Active filters in routers and modems
- Technical issues by the ISP
- ISP does not provide a quality line or signal
- Gateway issues
- Game server issues

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Lower your ping and reduce latency in Medal of Honor!

As every serious MMOFPS player already knows, most of the multiplayer lag, ping and latency issues are caused by the performance of your computer, operating system and Internet connection speed followed by Internet Service Provider issues and game server problems.


XBOX, Wii U OR PALYSTATION & Lag in MOH Multiplayer mode

If you play on XBOX, Wii U or PlayStation 3 the best bet is to check your extended memory stick, verify that all wires are plugged in correctly and your wireless antenna is fully functional! You can also check here for a solution on how to connect your XBOX to your computer to share its tuned & tweaked internet connection for performance increase!


Computer hardware causes lag, latency and ping issues

As already mentioned, when your computer doesn't meet the Medal of Honor Warfighter system requirements or has malfunctioning internal or external parts (like USB or router, modem so on) MOH lags. In order to fix lag issues caused by hardware malfunction you need to replace the malfunctioning part(s) or upgrade them based on the system requirements!

Note that commonly mouse lag is caused rather by your processor, RAM or Graphic Card and not by your mouse!


Operating System causes lag, latency and ping issues

A slow performing operating system doesn't only cause graphics flickering, audio issues or overall game performance issues; it also slows down the sending and receiving of data packages (which contain game information) over the Internet. A slow performing operating system can for example cause a high ping, even if you have a high speed internet connection. The delay of sending and receiving data packages can cause graphics flickering, sound delays, action lag, disconnections and login issues as well!

To be on the safe side, download or buy Latency Optimizer and maintain your operating system periodically! Also keep in mind that you need a clean system (no infections) as well.

Internet connection causes lag, latency and ping issues

Your local internet connection settings and related peripherals also depend on how fast your internet speed performs and how high the ping is. It is not allays your ISP that causes issues. Consult with the manual or manufacturer of your router or modem on how to change active filters, port forward or how to make custom game settings. You can use the 45 tweaks and tunes of Latency Optimizer to speed up your internet connection performance, lower your ping and reduce latency!


Internet Service Provider - causes lag, latency and ping issues

If your ISP has technical issues or just doesn't provide you with the speed and quality of your internet connection, you can do a speed and ping test with Latency Optimizer or download our free speed test application Speedtest4free here. You can save, compare and analyze the results of your tests and use this data to troubleshoot the issues with your ISP!

If your ISP has gateway issues you might want to sign up with a tunnel or game proxy service. But note that that only makes sense for gateway issues and you still depend on the service of your ISP. In the case of the main service lagging, no tunnel or proxy service can help you!!!


Game Server causing lag, latency and ping issues

If lag is caused by game server latency and ping issues there is nothing you can do from your end! Only the Medal of Honor server admins can solve the issues!

For those of you still lacking in understanding these issues, you can find a full guide which explains online game lag caused by latency issues by following the link.

*Source & Copyright of MOH media used: Electronic Arts Inc.

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