Is it possible to be anonymous in the Internet?

Each day, the number of people connecting to the internet to access some information or get a certain job done is on the rise (you can find a detailed report on internet usage published by The Huffington Post here).

In spite of this, the ever looming need to remain anonymous and keep prying eyes off your personal information, though hard, remains equally important. To achieve this, you have to get a plan that lets your hide your IP hence your basic internet identity.

How to hide your IP to be anonymous on the Internet

What is an IP address?

When a single node, be it a computer or a smartphone, connects to the internet, it is assigned a unique identifier that is crucial in the correct routing of data from one destination to another (find out what IP addresses are here).

However, the bared out identity might feed malicious internet users with all the information they need to attack your delicate data or monitor your browser use for reasons you do not consent to.

The first step out of this lies in hiding your IP!


How Hiding your IP Helps you Surf the Web Anonymously

This is not a new approach to anonymity on the web. It is an implementation that has been in use for ages even though the approaches and their effectiveness vary greatly. The simplest way to ‘anonymizing’ your IP is by connecting to the internet through a proxy server. Since a proxy server works as an intermediary between a client computer and web based servers, it has the power to hide the actual IP identity of the client computer.

A simple Google search will reveal loads and loads of proxy servers that boast of the capability to hide your IP address as you browse the internet. Nonetheless, these simple solutions might actually be not what you need for absolute online anonymity.


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What Options Do I have and what do they really do?

For instance, open proxies (free proxies available on the net) will mask your actual IP address without securing the data you transmit during your web sessions. Since most of these open proxy service provider might send your real proxy as a hidden variable to your target server, slight tweaks on intercepted tokens will bare your identity to anyone who has the skill and time to decipher the hidden variable.

If you are so keen in remaining anonymous online by hiding your IP address, you should consider the services of machine specific software that runs on your computer. By reducing the number of intermediaries in your quest to masking your IP, you make the final address foolproof hence more solid and useful.

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Most of these implementations are safer and more efficient than open proxies and in-browser proxy servers (read more about anonymous proxy servers here) that make use of either a transparent Proxy, anonymous proxy, Distorting proxy or a high anonymity proxy server.

Since the efficacy of each of these approaches varies, web users interested in surfing the web using hidden proxy have to settle on a solution that best suits their needs and finances. Nonetheless, it is not practically possible to hide your online identity by merely hiding your IP address.


Anonymous IPs Cannot buy you the Anonymity you Need by themselves

Whether you choose to hide your IP address by surfing through an open proxy or by connecting through a proxy server plan, you need to deploy other techniques to back up this first and most important step to online anonymity.

If you choose to surf the web anonymously and get away with it, you have to get the best solution there is in the market.

There is no need to go an extra mile into hiding your IP address only to realize that a ten-year-old kid in his parent’s house attic can salvage your actual address in under 60 seconds. Even though you might be tempted to go for the cheapest options (open proxies and public proxy servers), getting a paid for plan might prove worth the pain at the end of the day.


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