How to troubleshoot and fix high latency issues? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 15.07.2019   15:00

This article is supposed to explain why high latency is caused. Why you lag by surfing the Internet, in online games, applications and other web services. Why they stop, freeze or disconnect. What is the reason and what you can do against it? What are the necessary steps to track down the reason of high latency and reduce high latency?

First of all we must find out what causes the high latency (lag) before we can apply the latency fix

Why latency can be high and how to reduce high latency?



     • High latency (or lag) caused by any game, application or web service (let's call all of them online service providers) is mainly a temporary issue. Usually you cannot do much on your end. You need to be patient till the technical issues are solved by the online service provider. Statistics show that high latency (lag) caused by technical service provider issues are mainly solved within a few hours or a maximum of 2 to 3 days.

     • Of course you can contact the online service provider and tell about your problem but in most cases it is a waste of time. Also forum posts where users complain about temporarily high latency they experience in online services are mainly ignored by the support, as there is not much that can be done instantly or in individual situations. To be patient is the best you can do!

* It must be said that in the case the high latency (lag) is caused by the users end (see ad 3) game-, application and online service server can penalize you (kick you from server - you will be disconnected).

High Latency (lag) caused by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

High latency (lag) caused by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can be temporary but there are many users who experience this kind of lag over days, weeks and some over months! You should start to monitor your internet connection over a few days' period.

Do a speed and ping test 2 or 3 times a day. Write down or save the results. Try to play different online games, use different online applications, try out some other online services and see if the high latency is still present. If you experience high latency everywhere it is time to find out what causes the high latency (lag).

If you can eliminate that the high latency is caused by the online service provider (you can find this out by visiting support to see if there are any technical issues with the server and or talk to other users of the service (game, app)) then you need to ensure that the high latency is not caused on your end (your PC, excluding the modem/router as these are mainly provided by the ISP).

The list of possible reasons of high latency caused by user PC is very long! It starts from a virus, malware, spyware, Trojan or adware infection to a simple wrong TCP setting, broken wire, wrong position of the wireless client to a wrongly configured third party software like a firewall and much more.

Use Latency Optimizer 4.0 to fix your slow Internet connection. If you are sure your PC is not the reason why you have high latency, then it is time to talk to your ISP and send him (if needed) all your speed and ping test results, explain your experience with all the online services you tested and tell him about your specific situation, as you have talked to other players or users what do not have high latency. If your ISP cannot help you after a brief amount of time has passed, then it might be time to try out another one!

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High Latency (lag) caused by your PC

High Latency (lag) caused by user PC (your end) is mainly permanent. There are tons and tons of reasons that could be responsible to cause the high latency (lag). Some of them are viruses, spyware, Trojans and root-kits, manipulated registry and internet connection settings, suspicious or unnecessary system process, hard disk full with junk files and other reasons that will let your PC and internet connection perform slower. Sometimes it's just because your internet connection isn't that fast or your hardware is near the system requirements of a game. The list could be very long.

For most of the reasons to help assist you with reducing high latency (fix lag) Latency Optimizer 4.0 in combination with a proper virus, Trojan, rootkit, spyware, malware and a BHO scanner can bring success! Note that there can be also various reasons where you need a full internet connection repair or just a Winsock fix. This can be done with Connectivity Fixer PRO.

Latency Optimizer 4.0 can assist you to fix lag and reduce high latency!

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