How to fix C9 - Continent of the Ninth lag?

As with every new upcoming action MMO expansion we also expect major lag, login, freezing and disconnection issues at the release date of the C9 - The Ruined Empire. The expansion features the 4th continent, OKAPIA, a once prosperous continent until the death of their corrupted king. The Ruined Empire includes new quests and dungeons in OKAPIA. In the dungeons where the majority of quests and grindings are done C9 The Ruined Empire lag will be very frustrating. Looking from the point of the high latency issues in C9 there is hope that the dungeon quests and grindings will have less lag as they are all instanced.

Find with us the reasons why C9 can lag & how to fix it!


What is C9?

C9 is the latest MMO developed by Webzen. C9 - Continent of the Ninth Seal lets players be heroes of the Glenheim continent. You will need to fight against Nefer in order to stop him from opening the gate of the other world. Nefers is going to summon all his followers to Glenheim. Under his followers will be various fiery monsters. Nefer is on his away to destroying the seal protecting the summoning gate. YOU will need to stop him!

C9 - Continent of the Ninth Seal - The Ruined Empire lag will most likely appear in PvP, fighting NPC, doing quests, in the dungeon, while being part of a Party, and in the chat system. Especially on the release day of C9 - The Ruined Empire, lag or high latency issues are kind of NORMAL. Do not panic!

If you still experience lag after the first 2 days, you will need to troubleshoot the possible causes of C9 lag in order to fix it!

New C9 Expansion The Ruined Empire!

The Ruined Empire - Fix C9 lag article

Reasons for C9 - The Ruined Empire lag:

c9 lag fix info icon A. Lag caused by C9 - The Ruined Empire's game server is mainly a temporary issue. Usually you cannot do much on your end. You need to be patient until the technical issues will be solved. Statistics are showing that high latency (lag) caused by technical issues on the game server's end are mainly solved within a few hours or maximum 2 to 3 days.

Of course you could contact the C9 Support and tell about your problem but in most of the cases it is a waste of time. Also forum posts where players complain about temporarily high latency are mainly ignored by the support, as there is not much that can be done instantly or in individual situations. To be patient is the best that you can do!
c9 lag fix info icon B. Lag in C9 - The Ruined Empire caused by your ISP (Internet service provider) can be temporary but there are many players who experience this kind of lag over days, weeks and some over months! You should start to monitor your internet connection over a few days' period. Do a speed and ping test 2 or 3 times a day with Speedtest4free or Latency Optimizer; write down or save the results in your Free account.

Try to play different online games, use different online applications, try out some other online services and see if the high latency is still present. If you experience high latency everywhere it is time to contact your ISP and request a lag fix.
c9 lag fix info icon C. C9 - The Ruined Empire lag caused by your PC (your end) is mainly permanent. There are tons and tons of reasons of what could cause the high latency (lag).

Some of them are viruses, spyware, Trojans and root-kits, manipulated registry and internet connection settings, suspicious or unnecessary system process, hard disk full with junk files and other reasons what will let your PC's and internet connection perform slowly.

Sometimes it's just because your internet connection isn't that fast or your hardware is near the system requirements of a game. The list could be very long…

The Ruined Empire - Fix C9

How to fix C9 The Ruined Empire lag ?


c9 lag fix suggestion icon Apply up to 45 tweaks and tunes to make your internet connection and operating system faster to fight C9 The Ruined Empire lag! Download Latency Optimizer here and do regular system maintenance. Speed up and boost your operating system and get assistance to fix lag via the 3 predefined modes or apply 45 tweaks & tunes to make your internet connection and operating system faster.
c9 lag fix suggestion icon An Internet connection and Operating System can be slow because of several reasons. As already mentioned, the hardware, ISP, server side or the user's computer can cause slow internet connection speeds and communications issues with the game server. To speed up a slowly internet connection you can tweak & tunes your operating system, including protocols, internet connection settings, processes and registry setting to name a few of them.

Latency Optimizer provides you with easy one-click tweaks & tunes to speed up C9 The Ruined Empire.
c9 lag fix suggestion icon Furthermore, Latency Optimizer gives you the possibility in the advanced mode to let you tweak & tune your internet connection. Latency Optimizer includes beside the tunes and tweaks, a latency test, speed test, network monitor, RAM optimizer, system cleaner, disk cleaner, start-up manager and the Winsock and IP repair kit.

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