Solve Guild Wars 2 freezes, lags, latency issues, login problems and disconnects (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 16.07.2019   15:30

If you are sure that your computer meets the system requirements of Guild Wars 2 and the game server you are playing on has currently no high latency issues (check the server status) but Guild Wars 2 still freezes, lags, has latency issues, login problems or you even disconnect, then you might want to troubleshoot your internet connection and system with the Latency Optimizer´s testing & cleaning tools:

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Why Guild Wars 2 freezes, lags, gets high latency, has login problems and disconnects?

Youtube channel Zen made a guide on how to reduce CPU Lag after you have successfully reduced network lag with Latency Optimizer 4.


- If your computer doesn't meet the system requirements of Guild Wars 2, graphics card driver, motherboard driver, audio card driver and network card driver are not regularly updated.

- If your CPU usage is high because of infections, third party software applications or misconfigured system internals.

- If your internet connection settings are misconfigured, the TCP/IP protocol is corrupted and/or there are malfunctioning processes related to your internet connection.

- Lack of periodically made system maintenance service.

- High ping on the game server because of internet gateway issues.

- New updates and patches causing temporary Guild Wars 2 lag or high latency.

- If your system memory is low or other causes of a slow performing system like missing or wrong registry settings, corrupted system processes, third party software applications using too much system resources.

- Your router or modem needs a firmware update or driver update. Some routers and modems require special settings for individual games.

- Guild Wars 2 game servers are under maintenance, getting high loads or are under attack.

- A weak signal or bad line provided by your Internet Service Provider.

- Technical issues on the ISP's side or oversold bandwidth.

- Other trivial reasons causing high latency in Guild Wars 2 

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How to fix Guild Wars 2 when it freezes, lags, has high latency, login problems or disconnects?

fix -icon - Ensure that your computer meets the system requirements.
fix -icon - Study the manual of your firewall and anti-virus scanner on best uses while playing Guild Wars.
fix -icon - Try to play Guild Wars 2 on the lowest settings.
fix -icon - Run the Guild Wars 2 launcher as an administrator.
fix -icon - Scan your system for registry errors.
fix -icon - Visit the support website of Guild Wars 2
fix -icon - Update all drivers and firmware regularly
fix -icon - Read other posts on our blog to find out more about how to fix lag in online games
fix -icon - Regularly scan your system for infections
fix -icon - Update your operating system regularly
fix -icon - Change malfunctioning hardware parts
fix -icon
- Troubleshoot the performance of your internet connection with Speedtest4free.

You can troubleshoot and fix many of these issues with LATENCY OPTIMIZER 4.0 (here)

Guild Wars 2 Wolve - latency article

Download Latency Optimizer 4.0
 to assist you with fixing lag! Tweak & fine-tune your internet connection and related settings. Test your internet connection speed, ping and latency. Clean your system with the included tools to increase its performance.

Hardware issues that cause Guild Wars 2 to freeze, lag, have high latency, login problems and disconnects.


In order to find out if your RAM sticks are corrupted you can test them with - Processor
If your CPU usage is high, one of the main hardware issues (there are tons of software issues) is dust on the CPU ventilator!

- Graphics Card

Troubleshooting graphics card issues is not that easy and can be very time intensive! The fastest way to troubleshoot a possible issue is to use the integrated graphics card test (included in most leading graphics cards software packages) or to temporarily plug another graphics card in the motherboard slot. Note that you should disable your onboard graphics card if you use a slot card.

- Audio Card

Issues with audio cards are in most of the cases not connected with sound issues. Well of course if you don't hear anything in the game, it's obvious that your audio card has issues. But there are many situations where a malfunctioning audio card causes problems but you still hear sound. The best way to troubleshoot this is to plug in another audio card for a test!

- Mouse

The well-known slow, stopping, lagging mouse cursor when you start a game or while playing is in most cases not caused by your mouse. It's caused rather by your CPU or graphics card! Mouse incompatibility is in these times, almost not an issue. And if your mouse doesn't work, just plug in a new one.

- Router/Modem

As Guild Wars 2 is an online game, a malfunctioning router or modem will cause a big headache! Sometimes it's an improperly plugged in wire, not enough electricity, unstable electricity, wrong position of a wireless router and tons of other reasons. We wrote a very good article on our blog, helping you to fix slow internet connections. There you will find a section on how to troubleshoot routers and modems!

Get more detailed information on the single Guild Wars 2 lag, high latency and high ping issues

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Latency Optimizer 4.0 can assist you to fix Guild Wars 2 lag, reduce high latency and lower high ping!

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