How to fix Guild Wars 2 lag?

After a long wait and successful beta test phase Guild Wars 2 was released! As with any other MMORPG release, also by Guild Wars 2, some players will experience lag, high latency, login issues and even disconnects. Before you panic, take your time and read about the reasons of Guild War 2 lag. It isn't always the Guild Wars 2 servers or the game itself that causes lag!!! The first days of the new release are very heavy for the Guild Wars 2 servers, but this kind of lag is temporary!

If Guild Wars 2 lag is caused by your end, you will need to troubleshoot your system and internet connection, as Guild Wars 2 lag caused from your PC is mainly permanent!!!

Why does Guild Wars 2 lag for some of its players and how to fix it?

Guild Wars 2's engine programmers have made major client-side and back-end improvements, including several different kinds of optimizations that have led to performance gains.

Players who have suffered from poor performance in the Beta should see an improvement to their frame rate. But there are still discrepancies between individual systems. Optimizations will continue up to and beyond launch day, using the information that you provide.

Note that these improvements are mainly connected with your hardware (graphics card, processor, audio card, RAM…). If your operating system performance and/or your internet connection lags, Guild Wars 2 will lag as well

You should only worry if lag, stuttering, freezes and disconnections are not stopping for you! In this case you suffer from permanent lag, high ping or increased latency issues!

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What you can do to fix lag in Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 lag solution icon a.) Upgrade your hardware to the system requirements.
Guild Wars 2 lag solution icon b.) Replace malfunctioning hardware parts.
Guild Wars 2 lag solution icon c.) Update drivers and firmware of router, modem, graphics card, audio card and so on…
Guild Wars 2 lag solution icon d.) Tweak & Tune your internet connection with Latency Optimizer or sign up for a faster connection by your ISP.
Guild Wars 2 lag solution icon e.) Troubleshoot your internet connection. Do a speed test, ping test (Speedtest4free) and latency test (Latency Optimizer).
Guild Wars 2 lag solution icon f.) Contact your ISP if the lag in Guild Wars 2 is caused on his end (provide him with data from point e.)
Guild Wars 2 lag solution icon g.) Check your router or modem settings if you need to make adjustments for Guild Wars 2. Study the manual or contact your ISP for help.
Guild Wars 2 lag solution icon h.) Visit Guild Wars 2 support section from time to time and check for announcements.
Guild Wars 2 lag solution icon i.) Do system maintenance with Latency Optimizer.
Guild Wars 2 lag solution icon j.) Apply one of the 3 modes of Latency Optimizer to tune your internet connection settings, protocols and processes.
Guild Wars 2 lag solution icon k.) Periodically scan your system for infections with different tools (do not relay on only 1).


Guild Wars 2 high latency caused by your PC

High latency (lag) caused by the user's PC (your end) is mainly permanent. There are tons and tons of reasons that could explain the cause of the high latency (lag).

Some of them are viruses, spyware, Trojans and root-kits, manipulated registry and internet connection settings, suspicious or unnecessary system process, hard disk full with junk files and other reasons that will cause your PC and internet connection to perform slower. Sometimes it's just because your internet connection isn't that fast or your hardware is near the system requirements of a game.

The list could be very long.

Download Guild Wars 2 lag fix

High latency or lag are mainly caused on the ISP or on YOUR END (PC). In order to successfully fight Guild Wars 2's lag caused on your end we suggest that you download Speedtest4free o monitor and troubleshoot your internet connection speed and ping. In combination with Latency Optimizer 3.1 (free download), that provides 45 tweaks & tunes to speed up and boost your internet connection speed and optimizes latency, you will have two very handy and powerful applications to fight Guild Wars 2 lag.

As high latency (lag) is not always caused from the internet connection, Latency Optimizer 3.0 includes a RAM optimizer, disc cleaner, system cleaner, startup entries manager, packet monitor and latency test to ensure that you do the best you can do on your end to reduce and fix lag!

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