How to troubleshoot and fix Lineage 2 lag? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 20.09.2019  11:30

Lineage 2's game servers are still having issues and causing lag for some players, especially on the Naia server. Ncsoft applied some fixes after the Tauti update but the problems are still not solved. Ncsoft is working together with their developers and server admins to investigate the issue further.

If you are affected from Lineage 2 lag caused from game servers you need to be patient till the problem is solved. If you experienced lag before the Tauti update or you are located on a proper working game server but you still lag in Lineage 2 you might want to investigate the lag issues yourself.

What causes Lineage 2 lag and how to fix it?

Lineage II is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game for Microsoft Windows, the second game in the Lineage series. It is a prequel to Lineage, and is set 150 years before the earlier game.


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Lag can be caused from high latency when data packages are sent and received with a delay or get lost on the way from your computer to the Lineage 2 game server and back.

Lag can also be caused from insufficient system requirements or malfunctioning hardware parts, beside many other reasons. In-game actions can be delayed; freeze, stop or some players can even get disconnected from Lineage 2.

In Lineage 2, lag might not only be caused by your hardware setup, internet connection speed and ping, third-party software installed on your computer or the performance of your operating system. It may also be affected by many other viral reasons like wrong configurations, corruptions, and malfunctioning services or processes that influence smooth game play.

All those are controlled from YOUR END.

If the game server causes lag you cannot do anything to fix it, you need to wait it out or contact support for confirmation.

In the case of your ISP causing the lag in Lineage 2, you need to troubleshoot your internet connection speed and ping. Also do a latency test to see how fast and in what quality your computer performs the sending and receiving of packages. You can use Latency Optimizer to assist you by troubleshooting and fixing lag issues!

Lineage 2 Screen


Here is a list with some of the major Lineage 2 lag causes:

lineage alert icon - Lineage 2 game servers
lineage alert icon - Lineage 2 in-game mechanics
lineage alert icon - Your ISP
lineage alert icon - Your hardware causing high latency
lineage alert icon - Your operating system
lineage alert icon - A generally slow performing computer
lineage alert icon - Infected computer
lineage alert icon - Internet connection settings, protocols and processes
lineage alert icon - Low available system memory
lineage alert icon - Wireless or satellite connections
lineage alert icon - Wrong router or modem settings



How to reduce Lineage 2 lag?


- If the Lineage 2 game servers are causing the lag, there is nothing you can do on your end. Be patient because the Ncsoft support is surely working with all their power to solve the issue as soon as possible. Lag caused by game servers is mainly temporary and happens in about 99% of all online games, this is not a Lineage 2 issue only.

  - Lag caused from in-game mechanics are mainly temporary and mostly happen after applying new patches or updates, usually such causes are fixed a.s.a.p. or with the next patch.

- Lineage 2 lag that is caused by your ISP is not easy to verify. Therefore, we suggest downloading Speedtest4free from our Website and read our blog post: 36 tips and tricks to troubleshoot a slow internet connection.

After downloading Speedtest4free do the speed and ping test at least 3 times a day at different times and over a period of a minimum of 3 days. Save and compare all speed and ping test results for later analysis.

If you find out that your internet connection speed is not that fast as it is supposed to be and your ping is high, you might want to contact your ISP and ask them to correct the issue.

- Update driver and firmware of your hardware regularly to avoid lag in Lineage 2.

- Change malfunctioning hardware parts.

- A generally slowly performing system, misconfigured internet connection settings, registry entries, processes and other system internals can cause Lineage 2 to lag. Download Latency Optimizer 4.0 to assist you with reducing high latency in Lineage 2.

- In some cases Lineage 2 lag is caused by a mix of different causes. Tweaking and fine-tuning your internet connection and system with Latency Optimizer (download here) can help to reduce the lag in Lineage 2.

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