How to fix LOTRO - Riders of Rohan lag for smoother game play?

The Lord of the Rings Online & free to play game has just gotten one promising expansion, Riders of Rohan. You can now explore the regions of Rohan, fight on your mount, choose between different Warsteeds, fight against Warbands and advance to level 85. Of course the epic story continues with the Riders of Rohan.

Regarding lag issues in LOTRO, expect login issues, high latency and maybe even disconnects in the first 2 days of the new expansion roll-out. Please note that such issues are nothing to worry about, as long as you don't permanently experience lag and high latency issues in LOTRO!

Why does LOTRO lag, freeze or disconnect and how to fix it?

As with every online based game there are many factors that can cause lag and high latency issues!

It is quite normal to have such issues in the first 2 days of an expansion or major update. The game servers are busy with all the folks curious for the new content in LOTRO Riders of Rohan! LOTRO is known for their generally stable servers and investing much in server technology!

Besides game server issues like high load and maintenance work, there are 2 more ends that may cause LOTRO lag! Game server lag always catches high percentage of players and is not an individual issue!

If your Internet Service Provider causes LOTRO lag and high latency issues, then it's mostly because of a weak signal, bad line, maintenance work or bandwidth issues! Especially when you experience lag and high latency issues during different times of the day, mostly in the so-called rush hours, then this could be a signal that your ISP oversold the bandwidth!

Note that this kind of lag is mainly connected with your internet connection and is not hardware or software related. Makes sense?

If your computer, hardware, operating system, internet connection settings causes lag in LOTRO then you will need to track down the causes by yourself and fix them!

Note that a majority of online gamers experience lag or high latency issues and are having these issues because of their ENDS! You should only worry if lag, stuttering, freezes and disconnections are not stopping for you! In that case, you suffer from permanent lag, high ping or increased latency issues!

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How to fix LOTRO lag and latency issues for FREE?

The first step is always to talk to other players on your server! If the majority doesn't have lag or latency issues, then it's most likely an individual issue! Check the game settings first!

Now ensure that your computer's hardware meets the system requirements (online games like LOTRO can change their requirements after a major update or an expansion like Riders of Rohan)!

The next step is to check your major hardware including router/modem, graphics card, audio card, RAM and processor. Do not forget the wires and network cards or adapters as well. If your hardware seems fine you should move on with your investigation.

Troubleshoot your Internet connection speed and ping! Download Speedtest4free and make a speed test and ping test more often a day over a period of 2 days. Save and compare the results.

Also, don't forget to check your ISPs website for any announcements of anything that may cause lag or slow internet connection speed!

If your internet connection speed is low and your ping is high, you can start to track the causes that in some cases will lead you to your ISP. Feel free to contact him and send your saved speed test and ping test results and document all your other findings. If the issue is caused by your ISP only he can help you!

If your lag and latency issues in LOTRO are not caused by your ISP, this means that your internet connection speed is fine and you should move on and investigate your computer, operating system, system settings, system processes, registry settings, hard drive, system RAM, internet connection settings, protocols and processes.

Of course this is a heavy task! But with Latency Optimizer (download here) you can do this perfectly fine. Latency Optimizer will also provide you 45 Tweaks & Fine-Tunings to speed up your online game experience, besides all the system maintenance tools!

Get Latency Optimizer if you lag or your latency is high and start enjoying LOTRO & Riders of Rohan!

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Watch the how to fix LOTRO lag, high latency and high ping issues video

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