How to fix slow Skype performance? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 14.07.2019   9:00

How to fix slow Skype (lag)? Skype is the most famous and functional VoIP application. In the beginning of Skype, a couple of thousand users talked and chatted virtually with each other.

Skype lag (slow and interrupting) was in these times as same as today where millions use this VoIP (Voice over IP) service daily. You might be interested in: "Why Skype lagged some time back and why Skype can perform slowly today as well?"

Why Skype performs slowly for some users and how to fix it?

Slow Skype performance in the past!

Some years back, web application server technology was not as advanced as today. Internet connection was quite slow and VoIP operators still did not have web application servers (VoIP servers) at different locations all over the world.

Data packages had big distances to travel! Skype users had mainly the problem that their internet connection was not fast enough and lines and signals where not stable. For those who tried to talk or chat over a wireless connection, VoIP services like Skype could cause stress.

Slow Skype was for some users present on a daily basis.

Slow Skype (lag) nowdays!


1. Web application server causing slow Skype (lag)

Web application server (VoIP server) technology is today on a high standard. Internet Service Providers are providing faster and more stable internet connections in most of the countries of the world. So how comes that Skype still lags or performs slowly these days?

Web application servers need to be maintained more often as the amount of users has rapidly increased. Today, there are also VoIP users from all over the world and in some countries internet connections are still very slow and unstable and these slow and unstable connections causes Skype to be slow for the user in that region.

But a slow (laggy) Skype caused by web application servers is mainly temporary, not many VoIP users will experience a slow Skype (lag) over a long period of time! If Skype starts to perform slowly, you are advised to be patient and monitor your internet connection to ensure that the issue is not caused on your end!

2. Weak lines and signals of ISP's causing slow Skype (lag)

Slow Skype or lag caused by Internet Service Provider's weak signals and bad lines can turn out to be a bigger problem and you as a VoIP user cannot influence much to solve this issue. Skype lag, Skype spike lag and disconnects from the VoIP server caused by weak and bad lines and signals can only be fixed by your Internet Service Provider.

Slow Skype or lagging Skype caused by your ISP can be temporary or over a longer period of time. In some areas slow Skype or laggy Skype caused by an Internet Service Provider cannot be fixed without having your ISP invest more in the infrastructure and this is mostly not going to happen very quickly.

3. When your Computer causes slow Skype (lag)

Corrupted registry settings, corrupted or wrong internet connection settings, system or application processes, IP, Winsock, DNS issues , infections like viruses, worms, spyware, malware, adware, trojans, root-kits and tons of other reasons can cause Skype to perform slowly or lag spike. (read here)

In some cases users will even get disconnected from Skype and this happens if their internet connection is very fast and their computer's hardware is up to date.

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How to fix slow Skype (lag) caused by VoIP servers?

If a web application server (VoIP server) causes slow Skype (lag), there is not much you can do on your end. Only the VoIP operator can try to solve this issue also known as high latency. There are quite some situations where even the VoIP operator can't fix slowly Skype in a short period of time. Bad gateways, possible DDOS attacks, hardware malfunctions or software failures are some of them.

We suggest that you contact other Skype users and see if they experience the same issue as you. You can also visit the Skype forum and/or support website to find out if the slow Skype performance you experience is caused by the VoIP server. In any case if the issue is caused on the operator's end you should be patient or drop a line to the support team!

How to fix slow Skype caused by ISP - Internet Service Provider?

If you are an individual Skype user (VoIP server lag is not the reason) who experiences slow performance while chatting, talking or by video transmission, we suggest to test your internet connection. A speed test, ping test or latency test are reliable tools to monitor and troubleshoot your internet connection.

If you notice that after you monitored your internet connection over a couple of days that you actually didn't get the service and quality from your ISP that you are paying for, you are advised to visit the support website of your ISP and look for announcements or notifications stating maintenance or technical issues in your area.

If there are no such notifications or announcements you can try to use another VoIP application temporarily and see if you experience the same slowly or laggy performance, if you do, you should get in contact with the support or your ISP and send them your speed test, ping test and latency test results.

• Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is the only one who can assist you with weak lines or signals causing slowly Skype (lag).

How to fix slow Skype (lag) caused from your PC?

Checking your hardware, drivers, cables and external hardware as modem or routers should be the first thing to do.

• The hardest part of troubleshooting the issues of slow Skype (lag) and fixing the issue is this is where you are on your own!

If your computer causes Skype to perform slowly you would need to check your system internals, processes, registry, possible infections, corrupted or wrong internet connection settings, protocols and much more.

At this point you will need to be rather a system engineer or programmer and even than it would take you ages to fix slow Skype issues. Badosoft has developed a powerful and innovative software called Latency Optimizer 4.0 that can assist you to fix slow Skype performance caused on your end.

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