How to fix lag issues in World of Tanks online game?

The new version 8.0 of World of Tanks rolled out! WOT has some quite strong game servers and we expect < 3% lag during and after this update!

However, there are always some players who experience lag in World of Tanks, but please note that the high latency issues in WOT are mainly caused by your ISP or your computer (operating system, internet connection settings, RAM, graphics card, processor)

We will give a short overview on: Why WOT lags and how to fix World of Tanks lag (high latency).

Why WOT lags and how to fix WOT lag?

What's new in World of Tanks?
WOT introduces a new physics system that will give more freedom in navigating through battles. For example, it should now be possible to push enemies of bridges. Furthermore, World of Tanks got a brand new rendering and lighting system. New vehicles joined the game. Four new USSR tank destroyers and a new premium tank, the Matilda Black Prince.

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Why does WOT lag?

First of all, it is important to note that only a small percentage of WOT players lag or have high latency in the game! It is only in rare cases like a major update or game server maintenance that the WOT lag may be global.

There are 3 major ends what can cause World of Tanks lag:

1. WOT game server
2. Players ISP
3. Players computer

The percentage of WOT players lagging because of hardware issues is marginal and under 0.5%. That leads us to conclude that the 2 major reasons for lag are the player's ISP and the player's operating system, related settings, processes and registry entries. Furthermore, a major reason is an incorrectly configured internet connection, corrupted protocols and processes.

A WOT player should also pay attention to possible viruses, spyware, adware, root kits, Trojans and other malware infections!

How to fix World of Tanks lag?

In order to fix lag or reduce high latency in World of Tanks you will first need to find out what actually causes the lag or high latency!

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1. WOT game server lag

If the game server(s) are causing WOT lag there is not much you can do on your end to fix it. Being patient is the best choice as game server lag is mainly temporary!
You can find out if the game servers are having issues or if they are under maintenance by visiting the WOT support (, talking to other players in the game or opening an account on a different server (if possible because of geo targeting)!
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2. WOT lag caused by ISP

To troubleshoot your internet connection speed you can download Speedtest4free from our website and open a FREE Badosoft account where you can save and compare all your speed and ping tests!

If you find out that your internet connection speed and ping are not from the quality and amount of the signed up package, you will need to contact your ISP about this issue! We also advise you to try different online games and see if you still lag. If the lag is WOT lag related only you would need to read forward to point 3 and take the necessary actions!
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3. WOT lag caused by your computer

Tons and tons of issues may occur from your computer hardware, operating system, related settings, processes, registry entries, internet connection settings, protocols and related processes, infections, 3rd party applications, filters installed in routers or modems, dust on the processor, corrupted RAM, system memory that is not optimized and so on can cause high latency and WOT to lag!
- Checking your computer's hardware is the first thing you should do. Sometimes a viral reason like an improperly plugged in wire or card can be the issue!

- Update all drivers, firmware and OS constantly!

- Download Latency Optimizer to cover a major part of online game lag fixes!

- Install a proper virus scanner (but be aware that in these days virus scanners can also cause lag as they are very resource intensive and most of them take full control of all your internet connection activities and that not always to the sake of smooth playing!

You can troubleshoot and fix many of these issues with LATENCY OPTIMIZER (here)

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