How can you lower your ping to perform fast? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 13.07.2019   14:40

Most Internet users, online gamers, users of online communications (VoIP) and online applications already know that it is very important to have a stable and fast ping in order to submit and receive data. In real-time applications, online games, video and audio transmissions, the ping will show you on what quality level you are using the desired online service.

If you experience high ping, it means that your data packages sent to a server somewhere located in the world are not fast enough or fully transfered or received.

What I must know to lower my ping?

If your ping is high, connection time and quality data transfer to a server is not on its optimum and is mostly causing your online game, online telephony service or online application to lag, freeze or sometimes even disconnect.

A lowered ping is usually required to have an online service properly functioning. A lower ping means that the communication with a server is faster and more quality like.

Reasons for high ping

- The server you are connected to has technical issues or is overloaded. - Your Internet Service Provider doesn't not provide a strong enough line or signal or has technical issues. - A hardware failure causes high ping (network card, network adapter, modem router). Your operating system causes high ping. Wrong or manipulated settings, processes and protocols. - Installed software or infection on your computer causes a high ping.

How I actually can lower my ping?

For those who require visual guidance, John from Youtube made a very informative video regarding connectivity problems. Take a look before you take any unreversable steps.

- There are some methods existing that can help you to reduce ping time. Unfortunately if the high ping is not caused on your end you would need to contact the side responsible for the high ping in order to lower your ping.

Example for a high ping

Reduce high ping

1) Contact the server administrator or post in support sections of online game, internet telephony or online applications websites if you think your high ping is caused from the server you are connected to or trying to connect to.

2) Contact you Internet Service Provider to control the quality of your line or signal if you are sure that the high ping is caused by your ISP.

3) Troubleshoot your hardware if you think a part of it causes high ping (network card, network adapter, modem router)

4) If your computer (operating system settings, processes and protocols causes the high ping download Latency Optimizer 4.0 - "Ping Reducer" to lower ping and reduce ping!

5) If an installed software or infection causes high ping you can use Connectivity Fixer PRO and Latency Optimizer 4.0 in combination with a proper virus, spyware, adware, malware, Trojan and root kits scanner to reduce high ping. BE AWARE THAT A HIGH PING IN MANY CASES IS CAUSED AT THE USERS END!

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