How to lower your ping in online games, VoIP and web applications?

Keeping the ping time as low as possible is necessary to keep out noises while playing online games, using web services or talking on VoIP! When data packages are sent and received from your computer over the Internet to a server located somewhere in world (example game server or VoIP Server) then these processes should be done as quickly as possible without losing any of those data packages.

In order to troubleshoot and measure your ping, you can do a ping test. If your ping is increased or high, then the sent data packages needed too much time or some of them were lost on the way. In order to reduce your ping you will need to troubleshoot the causes. Only when you know the reasons for the ping issues can you lower your ping successfully!

How to lower your ping?

Before you can actually lower your ping, you will need to understand what ping value is bad and what ping value is good. You also need to understand the various causes for an increased or high ping. So let's go step by step, starting with the ping values!


What's a good and what's a bad ping?


icon -  ping issues 1. Normal ping: 3 ms > 15 ms - no package loss
icon -  ping issues 2. Slightly increase ping: 15 ms > 100 ms - no package loss
icon -  ping issues 3. Increased ping: 100 ms > 350 ms - no package loss
icon -  ping issues 4. High ping: 350 ms > 1k ms - possible package loss


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example high ping

How to troubleshoot ping problems?

You can download Speedtest4free or Latency Optimizer to do a speed test or ping test. Speedtest4free offers you to save and compare all results for later analyses, which comes in very handy while troubleshooting ping issues!

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save and compare ping results

Alternatively to use Speedtest4free you can open your CMD prompt and type `ping´ followed by an IP address or URL.

ping (Google)
ping (OpenDNS)


If you experience that your ping is increased or your ping is high, than the hard job to troubleshoot the causes just began for you!

There are 3 major ends that can cause an increased or high ping:

1. Game, web or application server
2. Your Internet Service Provider
3. Your computer, laptop or mobile device

Reduce your ping in online games, web applications & VoIP

icon ping info ad 1. If a game, web, or application server causes an increased or high ping, then there is nothing much you can do on your end to lower your ping or reduce a high ping! Only the server administrator or the datacenter can fix it.

In most of the cases, an increased or high ping caused by the server's side is mainly temporary. Maintenance work, technical issues, high loads or a DDos attack can cause server issues!
icon ping info ad 2. If you experience an increased or high ping caused by your ISP, we suggest that you to monitor and document your ping over a period of 3 days, at different times! You can do this with Speedtes4free or by using the Dos command 'ping' in your CMD and write down the results.

If you notice that your ping is mainly increased or high then you should contact your ISP and present them with the evidence!

Note that only your ISP is able to lower your ping if the issues are caused on his end!
icon ping info ad 3. If your computer, external hardware, operating system, internet connection settings, protocols, registry settings, system processes, 3rd party applications or infections are causing a high ping, then you will have a hard job to reduce your ping successfully.

Ping issues caused on your end are mainly permanent and will frustrate you when playing online games, working with web applications, talking on VoIP or whichever other web service you use!

No proxy tunneling service or port forwarding can help if YOUR END is the cause of the problem of an increased ping or high ping. Neither can your ISP or the server administrators of an online game, VoIP or web service help you! In order to reduce a high ping or lower an increased ping, you will need to troubleshoot your hardware (wires, cards, router, modem, RAM, processor and so on).

Investigate your operating system and your internet connection settings. You can download Latency Optimizer to assist you with most of the ping problems caused on your end. We also strongly suggest that you read other blog posts to educate yourself and find suggestions on how to track down and solve single ping issues caused by various reasons!

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