How to fix lag and latency problems in DOFUS?

The cartoon style 2D fantasy MMORPG Dofus reaches more than 25 million subscribers. The reason why there are compared to other MMORPG's as having much less player lagging or experiences with high latency is that Dofus has a turn based combat system. The Dofus game servers have much more time and free resources, so that game server lag is almost under 1%.

Even with Dofus's varied classes, a large world, crafting & merchant modes, and guild based PvP, in-game lag is almost never going to happen, almost! As Dofus uses Adobe's flash player and has low system requirements, high latency and lag are not caused by system requirement issues or intensive graphics card calculations.

How to reduce high latency and fix Dofus lag?

If you lag or get high latency in Dofus, then the causes are much easier to find than in other MMORPG's!

As the usual causes of high latency and lag are game server lag, ISP lag and player's computer lag, with Dofus the game server lag is minor, lagging players do not need to take their high latency and lag investigations to the ISP or player's computer level.

- Slow internet connection speeds, high ping, weak signals or bad lines are the major areas through which ISPs can cause lag or high latency!

- Operating system performance, internet connection settings, registry settings, protocols, processes, infections and many other reasons, to name few of them, that can cause Dofus's lag or high latency!

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The first steps to troubleshooting high latency and lag issues in Dofus or other MMORPG's should always start with the computer's hardware (incl. externals parts like modems or routers). If the issues are caused by your ISP you would need to monitor your internet connection speed and ping. You can download Speedtest4free and download Latency Optimizer to do so.

If the high latency and lag issues in Dofus are caused by your operating system, settings, processes and protocols, thereby slowing down your internet connection speed and system performance you can download Latency Optimizer!

Latency Optimizer 3.0 can assist you to reduce high latency and fix Dofus lag!

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