How to reduce my ping? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 07.07.2019  11:30

In order to reduce your ping or lower your ping you need to first have an idea on what could possibly cause the high ping. In general it can be said that a high ping is rather caused from a server you trying to communicate with, from your Internet Service Provider, from damaged hardware, installed software or rather from misconfigured or wrong system settings, processes, protocols, internet connection settings and so on.

High ping issues may cause your Internet experience to be laggy.

A high ping can be responsible for when your online game stops, freezes or even gets disconnected. This effect of high ping can be translated to VoIP and other online based applications as well. There is a couple of options you can perform in order to improve browsing or gaming experience:

• Switch to cable or move your dest closer to router if you are using Wi-Fi

• Obtain a better router. Although, it will only improve the connection to a certain degree it may not be the fix to the problem.

• Clean your cache, scan for viruses or potentially reset the OS

• Purchase or download a free version of networking software

• Improve the bandwidth span on your ISP (Internet service provider)


You need to have a quite good understanding of network technologies to understand on how to find the possible causes and prepare all the necessary steps to reduce the ping.

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