I SOLVED My WOW Lag, Latency And Ping Problems (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 22.09.2019   13:00


World of Warcraft is one of the best if not the best MMO RPG that has ever been made, I have spent countless hours in this game and I have enjoyed every bit of it.

So considering we already pay a subscription fee, we expect top quality connectivity, almost 24/7 server uptimes and quality content right?

 I fixed Lag In WOW

The content is there, the servers are almost always up but sometimes the Lag can be annoying.

I have been on an off from World Of Warcraft mainly because I like to mix things up, but also because sometimes the server you are playing on becomes so full that it becomes a nightmare.
Just imagine playing at 500ms and you should realize that the most you could do would be dailies… maybe.

So back in Wrath Of The Lich King I remember I started raiding and I remember how lag would make it impossible to raid, any kind of reaction to what was going on was impossible!
So back then I decided to do some simple upgrades and fixes that would improve my overall internet speed.

I bought a brand new Ethernet cable and I would use that directly into my pc, sometimes I would even disconnect the router just to make sure I had absolutely all the bandwidth for myself.
Then I disabled my firewall, and I updated everything from my pc, including drivers for all my cards.

And to be honest it worked alright, I was playing at about 200 ms and it was fast enough to raid and do arenas (which was my main interest anyways).

After I managed to kill Arthas I decided I wouldn’t play World Of Warcraft anymore, the reason being that I absolutely hated the ending to Wrath Of The Lich King.
Seriously, I played for months to kill this guy and then its all for nothing because “There must always be a Lich King” are you serious!?

They even said the armies of the undead would be stronger without a leader… sure that makes sense.

Anyways leaving my rant aside, I recently decided to jump back in, the fact that we are going to be raiding against the Burning Legion again is enough for me to come back.
However once I tried to play I found that awful 450 ms ping

Since I was kinda starting over (my friends where no longer around) I decided to try a different server and created a little smurf on an emptier server.
Things didn’t get so good on it either… Latency was a bit lower but nothing good enough for raids either.

And at this point I’m asking friends about their ping and very few have issues so I’m thinking there is something wrong with my internet provider.
Naturally I switch to a different internet provider and get a faster internet package, that should fix it right? No it didn’t…



Some of my friends recommended I buy a program called WTFast, but I didn’t feel like spending any more money (I had just upgraded my internet!) and I wasn’t sure there would really be anything to gain. After I tried the free version and was not surprised that my ping was same bad as without WTFast.

As frustrated as I was I had already paid for the World Of Warcraft Legion and I did actually want to jump back into it and play the MMO RPG that hooked me so hard back in the day.
I felt at that point that I had to contact blizzard support, and I thought I probably should have done that earlier… They should know how to fix their own game connectivity right?
Obviously Blizzard support was unable to help me… after all they are nowhere near me to even have a clue as to what was going on.

So then I decided it was time to take drastic measures, I figured if I left everything just as new there should be no problems, so I did a factory reset on my pc, reinstalled wow, and even purchased a new router!
After that my ping was a bit better and I decided to play as it was, at least I could level up and I had not played since Wrath Of The Lich King so I had some ground to make.
A couple of weeks passed and as I joined more crowded areas the lag issues became apparent again.

At this moment I had basically given up and I was thinking there was no way this game would be playable again, at least not for raids or battlegrounds…
I went back to League of Legends and was happy that my ping was at 100 ms, finally some decent connectivity!

I enjoyed some lag free gaming for a couple of weeks until my friends started asking me why If there was nothing else I could try to fix my World Of Warcraft Latency.
I told them I was done with World Of Warcraft, and said I would only consider playing it if someone paid for me, because I didn’t feel like paying for a laggy game.
To my surprise one of my friends bought me a 30 days card and told me to get my S#1t together, so I decided I would.

After I spent hours looking around, and I mean looking everywhere, leaving absolute no stone left unturned I came across a piece of software that promised to configure my connectivity and result in an overall speed boost for my internet.
There was a free version of the program so I said what the heck, lets give it a shot.

Downloaded it, use the automatic tool and it did some changes to my internet configurations which actually improved my connectivity!

Once I saw it worked I decided to buy the full version, unlocking much more tools and enabling a highly optimization, which lowered my ping to 70ms!

I have not need anything but it to get my World Of Warcraft working properly, and I have only Latency Optimizer 4 to thank for the great ranked battlegrounds I’m able to play now.

For The Horde! or the Alliance.. (whatever you prefer)


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