In battle ping can get high! (UPDATED)

UPDATED 07.07.2019   15:18

If you play online MMORPGs, RPGS, shooters or strategy games you might have experienced in some point, that if you are in a battle your ping can get high and cause online game lag!

You might ask yourself: Why does my ping always get high in battle? The answer is that especially in battle, ping increases because the packages sent to the game server and received from your PC are bigger sized and in some cases the packages must be delivered faster and synchronized with the players you are fighting with and against.

Keep your Battle Ping low!

Therefore Latency Optimizer (download here) has more than 45 internet connection tweak & tunes, 3 testing tools, 3 cleaning tools, 1 RAM optimizer and 1 repair tool to assist you with lowering your battle ping.

A low ping is essential for every online player and everybody is advised to watch his end first, before complaining on the game server. If your PC is optimized for online gameplay as much as possible, but you still experience battle ping increase then there are two things you can do. Contact your ISP and prove to them that your end is clean so that he is forced to investigate the issue at his end.

Complaining on the game server performance is the last thing you should do and anyway there is almost nothing that can be done to solve your individual high ping. Following these advice will save you lots of time and frustration in online game battles!

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Massive Battle ping - 1 vs. 1 Battle ping

You might have noticed that in big PvP events it can happen, that with almost all players involved in battle ping increases and high latency is caused. At this point the game server couldn't handle all requested synchronizations and there is nothing that you the player can do against it!

If you experience in a 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 battle that ping increases, it is more likely that the lag is caused on your ISPs end or on your end. It is not that uncommon that high ping is caused on the user's end especially when system settings, processes or internet protocol settings on the PC are wrong, misconfigured or not OPTIMIZED for a smooth gameplay.

The reasons for lag caused on the user's end are numerous!

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