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Topic of this article: “Input Lag

The meaning of input lag

The term “input lag” is commonly used by gamer if:

1.) Graphics effects are lagging due delay of the graphics card signal to the monitor.
2.) A delay of an action after clicking a mouse button
3.) A delay after pressing a keyboard key
4.) A delay of a signal of an external device used in online gaming. Example: Headset, joystick, game-pad, goggles or any other virtual reality support device

Other terms used or connected to input lag: input lags, input lagging, input laggy, low input, high input, input spikes, stuttering input, monitor lag, goggles, lag, joystick lag, game-pad lag, headset lag, speakers lag, VR lag

Why input lag happens?

a.) Hardware issues of the device
b.) Malfunctioning USB port
c.) Broken wire of an external device
d.) Wrong or outdated device driver
e) Outdated firmware of the device
f.) Malfunctioning power device
g.) Wrongly configured device settings
h.) Wrongly configured OS settings

How to fix input lag

Solution A
- Unplug the lagging device and plug in an alternative device and check if the lag persists. If there is still lag you are advised to troubleshooting the USB port, graphics card and/or audio card.

Solution B
- Check the wire of the device and check if the device is proper plugged in. By wireless device cut the distance from the device to the signal receiver to the half and/or check if the battery of the device is on good state.

Solution C
- Double check if the correct driver is installed. Try to update to the newest version. Sometimes a rollback to an older (working) driver can solve the issue.

Solution D
- Some device need a firmware update that needs to be installed manually. Check the manual of the device or visit the producers website to get instructions on how to do a firmware update.

Solution E
- Update to the newest graphics card driver or roll-back to the previous version if the lag starts shortly after a new update was installed.

Solution F
- Run virus- and malware scanners to check if your system is infected. Viruses and malware can cause external devices to malfunction.

Solution G
- Check if the PSU provides the necessary voltage for your USB port. Google for apps that can assist you with this tasks.

Solution H
- Check the Windows device manager for any clues about the device in question.

Solution I
- Check if the device settings are correct.

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