How does the Latency Fix work? (UPDATED)

UPDATED 06.07.2019   16:00

In the last couple of years the term LATENCY became more and more popular due the success of constantly increasing online games like MMORPGs, RPGS, MMOs, browser games and various other multiplayer online games. Latency fixes became highly demanded from lagging online gamers, as the latency is responsible for a smooth gameplay when it comes to the need of an internet connection.

When the latency gets high not only online games start to lag, also internet telephony services, streaming videos, audio transmissions, video transmission and even the normal surfing experience gets laggy! Increased or even high latency can happen even if an ultra-fast internet connection is used to play an online game, make internet phone calls or use any other online application or service!

When a latency fix is needed?

latency issues A. Lag caused by hardware
latency issues B. Lag caused by software & system
latency issues C. Lag caused by internet connection and services

Internet user has to understand how the communication between the PC and the web server works. If for example an online game like WOW, COD, BF, ROM, TF, LOTR is played, the internet connection is transferring all necessary data (packages) from the local PC via the modem/router through the line or signal of the Internet Service Provider through gateways to finally reach the game server located somewhere in the world and from there back to the player's PC.

If one of those checkpoints lacks, high latency is caused and a latency fix (download here) is needed. This example can be apply to internet telephony, surfing, watching videos, using online applications or any other web based service.

Latency is high:

- If your PC has issues, the packages sent and received will most likely cause high latency.

- If the router or modem has issues the sent and received packages will most likely cause high latency

- If the ISPs or gateways have issues, the package sent and received will most likely cause high latency.

- If the game server has issues, the package sent and received will most likely cause high latency.


What does the latency fix do?

The latency fix via Latency Optimizer 4.0 from Badosoft will allow you to apply up to 45 tweaks & tunes to your PC and internet connection. Furthermore the latency fix includes a speed test, ping test and latency test beside a system cleaner, disk cleaner and startup manager. Furthermore a RAM optimizer and connection repair utility are included.

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Latency Optimizer 4.0 can assist you to reduce latency issues!

» Reduce high latency - Fix lag by online games and online application.
» Improve your up and download speed
» Balance your System Memory
» Get rid of unwanted Files what slows down your PC performance.
» Speed up your surfing experience
» Measure your up and download speed
» Test your latency

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