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UPDATED: 10.07.2019   17:00

The term latency is used by online data transmission as well as by the reaction time of certain hardware parts like hard disks, graphic, audio cards and DVD's. The term high latency is used by audio and video producers as well as by video gamers. It usually refers to the delay of commands or the delay of certain actions and processes.

Due the rapidly growing community of online gamers, user of internet telephony and online applications, the term latency became most popular as higher or high latency causes online games, VoIP services or any other online applications, especially real-time applications, to stop, freeze or even to disconnect you. This is also called LAG. A latency test can come in very handy while trying to reduce high Latency!

What is a latency test?

The latency or RTT (round-trip time) measures how quickly a small data packet can get from your computer to a server located somewhere in the world and back. Latency is related to the distance, as well as your ISP's pairing arrangements, network congestion and system configuration.

Latency is furthermore related to your internet connection speed
(up/download) and ping. Sending a packet takes time to travel from a server to the client, but there is a limited number of packets that can be sent by TCP/IP data transfers before the server stops and awaits acknowledgement for packets already received in order to continue, because of that, latency can have a negative effect on transfer speed, especially by computers that are not optimized.

Why to test the latency?

A latency test is today as often used as a common bandwidth speed test or ping test. If you rely on certain online services because of your work or just for your hobby or pleasure, it is recommended to test your latency from time to time as many third party applications you will install on your computer or infections like viruses, Trojans, spyware and other malware can change the TCP/IP settings, internet connection related processes and registry settings.

It is also very usual that a computer starts to perform slower over time, especially if it is used on a daily basis.

The combination of a slowly performing operating system and faulty, misconfigured or wrong protocols, internet connection, and registry settings causes high latency for many computers and online users.

A latency test can help you to monitor data packet delay and help you to reduce and fix high latency issues with certain tools and will also give you evidence when it comes to the point that your ISP does not provide the stable and quality line or signal you are paying for.

Latency test via Latency Optimizer

A latency test is beside the Latency Reduction Tool, 45 tweaks and fine-tunings to speed up your internet connection, a speed test and ping test, startup manager, system cleaner, hard disk cleaner, RAM Optimizer and internet connection repair tool included in Latency Optimizer 3.0. You will be able to test your internet connection speed, ping and latency whenever you want. The innovative set of latency reduction tools will help you to fight high latency as well!

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